Why Do Players Hold Hands In Kabaddi?

Kabaddi is the biggest Indian sport, its name is derived from the Tamil word kai-pidi which means holding hands. A lot of people ask why players hold hands in Kabaddi. It is the most important thing in this game as it is a strategy that every team does. But do you know what strategy and why it is important? To know check out this entire blog now.

Hold Hands In Kabaddi

Players Hold Hands In Kabaddi

Players hold hands in Kabaddi because it is one of the most important things. Defenders hold their hands when a raider takes a raid. That is a very intense moment where the eyes of all the players are properly locked on the raider and the raider is making a plan to escape while chanting Kabaddi, Kabaddi.

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When the raider tries to disturb the defensive formation and try to steal some raiding points away the opposition tries to rap the raider and hold on to him with all their might to gain tackle points. The main reason defenders hold hands in Kabaddi is that they get attacked by a raider to form a chain formation. The chain formation is formed by holding hands which is used to confuse and distract and also to intimidate the raider. This attempt is to encircle the raider and attack him when the best opportunity gets raised.

The defenders have partially encircled the raider and have left almost no space for him to run back to his side of the court and then leave each other hands to get the tackle points. The chain is also formed when the raider approaches the defenders to get the touch. They are forced to duck and move away from the attacker’s advances. It is a completely different way which is used by raider to score the touches.