What Is Do-Or-Die Raid In Kabaddi?

Do you know what is do-or-die raid in Kabaddi? Most of the people do not know about this raid even some of the fans of Kabaddi fans do not know about this raid. It is one of the most important raids in this game, which everyone should be aware of. So to know about this raid, read this blog till the last.

Do-Or-Die Raid In Kabaddi

Do-Or-Die Raid In Kabaddi

While playing Kabaddi, if a team hoes on two successful empty raids then the next raid is known as a Do-Or-Die raid. The raiding team must get the point at the time of this raid or else the raider will be even out if he is not tackled.

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The do-or-die raid is a crucial reading situation where the raider either scores points against the defenders or risks getting out. It is not like a regular raid where the raider has two or more attempts to score points. In this raid, the raider has only one chance to score.

But if the raider fails to score a point in the do-or-die raid in Kabaddi, they will be declared out. The opposing team will receive a point. This adds a strategic element to the game as teams stay careful and do their plan with great tactics at the time of these crucial raids to maximize their chances of scoring points while minimizing the risk of getting out.

This raid added high excitement in Kabaddi as it put a lot of pressure on the raider to perform under challenging situations. Teams mostly used their best raiders in this crucial situation to try and secure points and gain some advantage in the match.