What Is Anti-Raider In Kabaddi?

There is a term called anti-raider in Kabaddi. It is a term that every Kabaddi player must know and also the fans of Kabaddi game should must know, but mostof people are not aware of this. That is why we have come here and bring out all the information about this term. We have shared all the information about anti-raiders in this blog, so read this blog carefully.

Anti-Raider In Kabaddi

What Is Anti-Raider In Kabaddi?

The players on the defensive side are known as Antis whereas, on the other hand, the player on the offense is known as the Raider. The attack in Kabaddi is known as a raid. This is Kabaddi, in this the match of one against seven known as the game of struggle. The antis touched by the raider at the time of the attack are declared as out if they do not completely succeed in catching the raider before he returns to home court.

These players can resume the game only when their side scores points against the opposite team at the time of their raiding turn or if the remaining players succeed in catching the opponent raider.

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What Is Kabaddi Game?

Kabaddi is a game which generally a combative sport with seven players on each team. This game is played for 40 minutes with a 5-minute break, 20-5-20. The main of this game is to score points by raiding in the opponent’s court and touching as many as possible defense players as possible without getting caught on a single breath. The player has to chant Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi non-stop during the game. The charges into the opponent’s court and try to touch the opponent closest to him. And at that time the seven opponents will catch him.

The Kabaddi game has the part of India and some parts of South Asia since 1930. The first known framework of the rules of Kabaddi as an indigenous sport of India was first invested in Maharashtra in 2021.