What is Golden Raid In Kabaddi?

The Golden Raid is one of the most important parts of the Kabaddi game. Most of the fans of the Kabaddi game are aware of this rule. In this rule if there is a tie between two teams in a knockout match at the end of extra time the golden raid is made. To know everything about this raid, read this blog till the end and do not miss anything.

Golden Raid

What Is Golden Raid?

Golden rais is a raid that is only conducted if there is a tie between two teams in a knockout match at the end of extra time. The referee conducts a toss and the team that wins raids. There are some very important rules for this raid which you should know.

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Rules For A Golden Raid?

There are some very important rule for a Goldren Raid. It starts the most important rule change is that the baulk line will be considered as the bonus line as well. During the regular matches, the baulk linewhich is also known as white is officially used to legitimate the raid but in a golden rate is it just used as a bonus line. That happens during the golden raid if the raider succeeds in crossing that line, so they team gets a point. But the bonus point is not going to be awarded if the raider cross the baulk line after a defender touches him.

In Golden raid, after crossing the baulk line any touches the raider gets is going to be added to his total points on the raid. The total points scored by the raider are counted at the time golden raid. Another rule is that if any player received a suspension at the time of the tiebreaker or during the time of the regular match. Then they are not allowed to be the mat at the time of Golden Raid. Then this team will have to play with fewer players. And the number of players is directly going to be added to the opposition’s score.

If both the teams are tied after the Golden Raid is complete. Then the teams won’t be subsequent raids. Then the coin toss is going to happen to decide who is the winner of the match.