Who Is The Strongest Raider in Kabaddi?

There is one man who has broken all the records of being a raider in Kabaddi. He has turned out as the strongest raider in Kabaddi of all time. That man is currently creating records. But do you know who is he? Maybe not, so we are here to tell you the names of those incredible players. So read this blog till the end and do not miss anything.

Strongest Raider In Kabaddi

Strongest Raider in Kabaddi

The strongest raider in Kabaddi who has broken all the records and become a power player is none other than Maninder Singh. He is an Indian professional Kabaddi player who is known for his remarkable athletic abilities and incredible performance. He started his career in kabaddi and he soon established himself as a prodigy in the game. His journey in Kabaddi got started when he was officially selected to play for his state team and he established himself as a key player.

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Maninder Singh Achievements

Maninder Singh is the strongest raider in Kabaddi, he has a 43% strike rate and he has taken himself to the second position in the most number of raids. His total raids are more than 1231 raid points in just 122 matches, which is an outstanding record. His success in sports led him to be a part of the Indian national team. He represented his country at multiple international competitions.

Singh is also very famous for his quick reflexes agility, and powerful raids. Because of these abilities, he becomes one of the most feared raiders in the game. His brilliant performances in international competitions helped him gain huge recognition and respect from a lot of Kabaddi players and fans from the entire world.

According to the reports, Singh was signed by Bengaluru Bulls in the Pro Kabaddi League in 2017. He showcased his skills in the league and he impressed his fans. He has given outstanding performances in the Bengaluru Bulls winning the league in 2017. His amazing performances in the company helped him secure a place in the national team. There he continued to make his mark as one of the strongest raiders in Kabaddi and one of the best players in the sport.

How Maninder Singh Become Most Consistent?

Maninder Sing is the classic multi-point specialist, he is a raider who gets you a minimum of one point when he skips into the other half of the mat. He has the second most raid points, super 10s, and super raids. Some factors make him the best which are his stunning reach, his running hand touch, and his ability to power through any defense.