What Is Cant In Kabaddi?

Kabaddi is one of the famous sports in India. It is one of the most exciting games and it is the game that is currently representing India on top. In this, there is a called Cant in Kabaddi. Most of the people do not know about this, so here we are. We have brought out all the information about cant, which you should look at in this blog.

Cant In Kabaddi

What Is Kabaddi Game?

Kabaddi is a contact team sport which is played between two teams of seven players each. This game originated in ancient India. The main aim of this game is to earn a single player on offense which is referred to as a raider to run into the opposing team’s half of the court, touch out as many players of the opposite teams as they can, and after that return to their on half of the court. They have to come back to their half-court without being tackled by the defenders in 30 seconds.

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In Kabaddi, points are scored for every single player tagged by the raider at the time when the opposing team receives a point for stopping the raider. The players are taken out of the game if they are touched or tackled but they have to return to the game after every single point which are scored by their team from a tackle or tag.

What Is Cant In Kabaddi?

According to the rules of Kabaddi, a match only starts with one team trading the other team’s half. At the time of the raid, any one player from the attacking team would be known as a raider and he would enter the other team’s half while chanting the word Kabaddi which is called Cant in Kabaddi. It is also known as Canting. The main objective of the raider is to tag as many opposition players known as antis or defenders. The possible return to their half by crossing the midline while continuing their cant under one breath. The cant term is defined as two extra points earned by a team when it can put the entire opposing team out.