What Is The Most Common Injury In Kabaddi?

Most Common Injury In Kabaddi: Kabaddi is a sport, where injuries are a very common thing. Frankly, injuries are the common thing in all sports. But in Kabaddi time chances of injuries go on a high level because of the intensity of the game. There is one most common injury which has mostly been suffered by many of the professional level players. To know what is that injury, check out this blog now.

Most Common Injury In Kabaddi

Most Common Injury In Kabaddi

Kabaddi is a highly impacted sport with highly fit players who take on the extremely physical nature share of injuries. The most common injury in Kabaddi is ACL Tear. This injury occurs because of sudden movement such as twisting, bending, or stopping. This injury leads to excruciating knee pain with tenderness and swelling.

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Other Types of Injuries In Kabaddi

There are some more types of injuries in Kabaddi that are very common:

Ankle Sprains: It is a ligament injury surrounding the ankle and it happens because of an awkward landing or stepping on uneven ground with overstretching of the ligaments which causes them to be partially torn.

Ankle Fractures: Akles are prone to fracture because of a lot of ankle twisting. It also happens because of constant jumping where the entire weight of the body is mainly focused on the ankle.

Calf Muscle Injuries: The calf muscles are overstretched and the muscle tissue is. This is known as the Calf strain and they are mainly classified as degrees that depend on the severity of the strain.

Strains: Because of the contact sport with lots of pushing, pulling, jumping, and twisting actions and repetitive actions. Because of the strains a player can suffer with cramps, swelling, and muscle spasms.