Why Do Kabaddi Players Rub Their Hands?

Most of the fans of Kabaddi and other people are not aware of why the Kabaddi players rub their hands. People are aware that it is an important thing in the game. But the players do not just rub their hands without any material. They rub their hand with the soil. To know why the players rub their hands, so read this blog till the last.

Kabaddi Players Rub Their Hands

Kabaddi Players Rub Their Hands

As per the Kabbadi experts, the Kabaddi players rub their hands with soil because after doing it they can get a better grip on their opponent. As we all know marinating a great grip is important in the game. The player who had a great grip had a lot of chances of getting points.

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The game involved grabbing the players of the component team. Because of the sweat on bodies which players gets because of playing this hard-strength game. So because of the sweaty bodies the friction get decreased and it does not let the players get a proper grip on the opponents.

By rubbing their hands, the players get can rougher hands. The rough surface has more friction as compare to a wet surface. More friction also help in enhancing their grip while holding the opponent.

Reason Behind Rubbing Hands With Soil

There are some solid reasons which clear why the Kabaddi players rub their hands with dry soil. So the sweat of players won’t make their hands wet as soil will get absorb moisture. Rubbing hands with soil will give roughness to their hands. And on the other side, it also increases the friction between their hands and the opponent’s body so that they can get a better grip on them.