What Is Super Tackle And Super Raid In Kabaddi?

Super Tackle: Super tackle is an upgrade move of tackle in Kabaddi. It is one of the most important and risky moves in the game, Also Super Raid is one of the best moves in the game. The attempt of this move is one of the difficult move and there are lot of things about both of these moves which you should know about. So read this blog till the end and do not miss any line of this blog.

What Is Super Tackle?

Super Tackle

Super Tackle is one of the moves in the Kabaddi game. This move is done when a raider is successfully tackled by 3 or more defends in the court, at that time the defenders in the court earn the Super Tackle points. The bonus point which they got is in addition to the normal points scored for putting the raider out. As per the rules, if there is a super tackle, the points for the super tackle will be added to the points of a successful tackle, means five points for a successful tackle add four points for the super tackle.

Tackling a raider and then stopping him from escaping to the midline amounts to one point is known as Super Tackle. If a team is reduced to three or fewer players so at that time executing the same earns them an extra points so the total of two points for a single tackle will be received. This move needs precision timing, flawless execution and teamwork from the defending side.

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The basic strategy raiders take is attack one corner of the sides and try and get back as soon as possible after getting one or maybe two people. But when the defense is tight and the defenders are better than average most of the standard strategy does not work. Not getting caught too often in a super tackle shows the raider’s class or rather the helplessness of the defenders when they are down to three or less.

What Is Super Raid?

Super Raid in Kabaddi refers to a raid attempt in which the raider scores three or more points. The executing a super raid is one of the most difficult skills to pull off in Kabaddi as it needs high quality combined with presence of mind from the raider. Just a handful have managed to score super raids consistently from the advent Pro Kabaddi. A raid where no points are scored by the raider is referred to as an entry raid. Through the contrast, a play wherethe raider scores three or more points is referred to as a super raid.

The raid attempt is which the raider scores three or some more points. The points can all be touch points or a combination of a bonus and multiple pints. The two points are granted on inflicting an all out are not the part of the super raid. The points for super raid are added to the points of a successful raid.