What Is Tackle In Kabaddi? Techniques To Execute This Move

Tackle In Kabaddi: Tackle is one of the forms of Kabaddi. It is one of the most important forms of this sport. It is a raider and stopping him from escaping to the midline amounts to one point in Kabaddi. If a team is reduced to three or fewer players, executing the same earns them extra points, so the total of two points for a single tackle. Now read this entire blog to know everything about tackle in Kabaddi.

Tackle In Kabaddi

What Is Tackle In Kabaddi?

Tackle in Kabaddi is one of the famous move. If the raider is successfully stopped, that is tackled. The opposite team earns a point instead. So all the played taggers are taken out of the revive players. The players who step off the boundary are out. There are a total of two strips on either side of the court which is known as the lobby area. They are part of the out-of-bounds area at the start of each raid and it becomes part of the field of play once the raider touches an opponent.

What Is Super Tackle?

Super tackle refers to tackling a raider and stopping the opponent from escaping to the midline amounts to one point in Kabaddi. If there is a situation when a team gets reduced to three or fewer players, executing the same earns them an extra point so that total of two points for a single tackle.

The super tacker is a defensive move that can earn a defending team two points in a single plat. This happens when the defending team has only two or fewer players on the court and successfully tackles the Raiders. The defending team must tackle the raider in a way that demonstrates exceptional skill and coordination.

There are certain rules for a super tackle. The rules for this love can vary in different Kabaddi formats and leagues. The general principles remain the same. It is a high-value defensive play that can swing the momentum in favor of the defending team. The super tackles’ moves are important in Kabaddi as they not only deny points to the raider but also give the defining team a point advantage.

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What Are The Techniques To Execute A Tackle?

There are several techniques through which you can execute a tackle:

Ankle Hold:

In this technique, the corner defenders initiate this tackle where in they grab the ankle of the raider at the time when the opponent is attempting to sneak in a bonus point or a toe touch.

Thigh Hold:

This technique is exhibited by a lot of cover defenders, who strike at the right time when the raider is switching his direction and also hold his thighs with both hands and pin him down.

Diving Ankle Hold:

This technique is a little bit different than the ankle hold. In this technique, the corner defenders dive to the legs of the raider. The defender makes a try to block both of the legs of the raider in his hands to stop the movement completely. To do this the convert support is very necessary as the upper body of the raider could still be in motion and try to escape.

Back/Waist Hold:

This technique needs brute strength to be executed where the defenders grab the raider through his wait or back mainly it depends on the position of the raider and then hauls him mid-air to disturb his balance thus effectively marring his chance of escape. The most important is to have team coordination to pull it off as the lower body dangling should be carefully taken care of by the other teammates.