How Many Points Is A Super Tackle?

Super Tackle: It is a move in the Kabaddi game. Tackling a raider and stopping him from escaping to the midline amounts o one point in Kabaddi. This is known as Super Tackle. It is one of the most difficult moves in the game. A lot of people are not aware of how many points is this move. So here we are with the answer to this question. In this article, there is a lot of information about this move which you should know.

Super Tackle

What Is Super Tackle?

In Super Tackle, when a raider is tackled properly by 3 or fewer defenders in the court, the defenders in the court earn the Super Tackle points. It needs a special skill to catch a top raider who is in full form and terrorizing the defense. It takes great mentality to hold him down multiple times that too with three defenders or less.

The main strategy raiders take in this move is that they attack one corner of the sides and then try to get back as soon as it is possible after getting one or two people. In this situation, when the defense is very tight and the defenders are great most of the standard strategy does not work at all. The top raiders of the current time are Anup Kumar and Pardeep Narwal.

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Not getting caught too often in a super tackle shows the class of raider or rather the helplessness of the defenders when they are down to three or less people.

How Many Points Is A Super Tackle?

In this move when the raider is tackled by 3 or less defenders in the court, the defenders in the court earn the Super Tackle points. In this the bonus point is in addition to the normal points scored for putting the raider out. On the other hand, if there is a super tackle, the points for the tackle is going to be add to the points of a successful tackle. In this the defenders earn 5 points for successful tackle and also earn extra 4 points for the super tacle.