What Is A Super 10 In Kabaddi?

If you are a true fan of the Kabaddi game you might be aware of Super 10. But if don’t so don’t worry as we are here to tell you about this rule. Looked at the unknown Kabaddi rule that is used to acknowledge the Kabaddi players during any Pro Kabaddi League match. This game is mostly known for raider’s rather than a defender’s game. Now to know what is Super 10, so read this blog till the end.

Super 10

What Is Super 10?

In Kabaddi, while any top performance by a reader is done during a match is known as Super 10. It is achieved in Pr Kabaddi when a raider manages to score 10 points or more, Till now few raiders have consistently managed to breach the Super10 mark and record their names in the history books of Kabaddi.

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Players Who Have Achieved Super 10

Some players have achieved Super 10. Bengal Warriors Maninder Singh is one of the players who have achieved 63 Super 10s in 122 matches. Then Pawan Sehrawat has scored 49 Super 10s in 105 matches. Then Naveen Kumar has done 58 Super 10 across 85 PKL matches. Then Rahul Chaudhari is the person who leads the list of most Super 10s in Pro Kabaddi season 2 and season 4 with five and seven Super 10s respectively. Then Deepak Niwas Hooda has 35 Super 10s in 157 matches.

Then there is Arjun Deshwal who has 36 Super 10s in 68 matches. Then Siddharth Desai who has 30 Super 10s in 63 matches, Vikas Kandola has 29 Super 10s in 101 matches and last on the list is Sachin who has 29 Super 10s in 106 matches.

Super 10 is just a simple rule in Kabaddi which is a must to be aware of. A true fan always stays updated on all the rules, news, and updates about Kabaddi. So Kabaddi Tracker is always here to give you all the updates and information about Kabaddi. Stay tuned.