What Are The Highest Tackle Points In A Single PKL Match?

Do you know what are the highest tackle points in a single PKL match? if not so don’t worry as we are for you. We have brought all the information that you must be aware of about tackle points in PKL matches. Here we have also brought some more information which is important to learn. In the high-stakes arena of the PKL, when the raiders often take center stage, the unsung heroes who guard the fort are the defenders. Read this entire blog to learn everything.

Highest Tackle Points

What Is Tackle In Kabaddi?

Tackle is one of the moves in the Kabaddi game. In this move if the raider is stopped which means tackle, the opposite team earns a point instead. All the tagged players will be taken out of the game, but one is revived for every single point a team scores from a subsequent tag or tackle. The bonus points do not revive the players also the players who step out of the boundary are out.

The skills of all the raiders and defenders are brilliant. They have agility and strategic brilliance form the backbone of team success.

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What Are The Highest Tackle Points In A Single PKL Match?

Mohammadreza Shadlou Chiyaneh is the player who produced the highest tackle points in a single match. he secured 16 tackle points. The most by any defender in the history of PKL. His all points came through Super Tackles, which means that he scored 8 in a single match. He is famous for his record and because of that, he is one of the highest-selling Kabaddi players. He has been sold to PKL 10 for a price of ₹2.35 crore. He is going to continue his dream form and guide the Paltan to their modern PKL title.

The most tackle points scored by a defender in a single Pro Kabaddi League match is 16. Chiyaneh has showcased his incredible ability to single-handedly influence the outcome of a game through his robust tackles. He has shown that he can change the entire course of the game single-handedly with his tackles.