Tamil Thalaivas players list stats and records

The Pro Kabaddi League has introduced another time for the old game of kabaddi, propelling it from customary interest to a cutting-edge, zapping display that catches the hearts of fans across the country. Among the unique groups that have reliably displayed their prowess in this league is the Tamil Thalaivas. Hailing from the southern province of Tamil Nadu, the Tamil Thalaivas have carved their name into the archives of kabaddi history with their enthusiasm, ability, and steadfast assurance. In this complete article, we dig profound into the universe of Tamil Thalaivas’ players, investigating their positions, biographies, professional measurements, achievements, and the speculations made to get their gifts.

The Tamil Thalaivas Intro

Tamil Thalaivas players attack

In the midst of the flourishing universe of Pro Kabaddi, the Tamil Thalaivas stand out as a guide of excitement, persistence, and expertise. With a rich tradition of rivalry and vital splendor, the group has cut its specialty in the Pro Kabaddi League. This investigation of the Tamil Thalaivas’ player arrangement offers a many-sided examination of their jobs, individual foundations, execution insights, and the monetary ventures made to gather this uncommon crew. From strong raiders to unshakable defenders, the Tamil Thalaivas’ gathering embodies the dynamism and adaptability that characterize contemporary kabaddi.

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Tamil Thalaivas’ Formation and Evolution

The Tamil Thalaivas arose as a crucial piece of the Pro Kabaddi League during its origin in 2017. From that point forward, they have been an amazing powerhouse, known for their essential intuition, talented players, and enthusiastic fan base. All through their journey, the Tamil Thalaivas have reliably exhibited their prowess on the mat, procuring a devoted following and setting up a good foundation for themselves as one of the league’s leaders.

Unveiling the Stars: Tamil Thalaivas Players

Tamil Thalaivas players list stats

The Tamil Thalaivas flaunts a different and gifted list of players, each contributing their exceptional capacities to the group’s overall achievement. We should investigate a portion of the prominent players who have propelled Tamil Thalaivas to significance.

PlayerPositionAgeExperiencePKL Career StatsAchievementsTotal Bid (in INR)
Ajay ThakurRaider357 seasons804 raid pointsPKL Champion (Season 3), Arjuna Awardee76,00,000
Manjeet ChhillarAll-rounder347 seasons253 pointsPKL Champion (Season 3), PKL Best Defender75,50,000
Rahul ChaudhariRaider297 seasons1112 raid pointsPKL Most Valuable Player (Season 4)94,00,000
Ran SinghAll-rounder327 seasons193 pointsPKL Champion (Season 3)55,50,000
Mohit ChhillarDefender287 seasons211 tackle pointsPKL Champion (Season 3)58,00,000
Vineet SharmaDefender282 seasons14 tackle pointsNone6,60,000
Yashwant BishnoiRaider263 seasons48 raid pointsNone6,60,000

Player Spotlights and Striking Achievements Of Tamil Thalaivas

Ajay Thakur

  • Position: Raider
  • Kabaddi robust, Ajay Thakur has been instrumental in the Tamil Thalaivas’ prosperity since Season 5.
  • He drove the group to victory in Season 3 and his commitments acquired him the esteemed Arjuna Grant.

Manjeet Chhillar

  • Position: All-rounder
  • Manjeet Chhillar’s flexibility as a defender and raider has procured him honors as PKL’s Best Defender and a vital contributor to Prepare 3’s title win.

Rahul Chaudhari

  • Position: Raider
  • Known as “The Entertainer,” Rahul Chaudhari’s raiding prowess prompted him to be delegated the PKL’s Most Significant Player in Season 4.
  • His consistency and expertise make him a standout entertainer for the Tamil Thalaivas.

Ran Singh

  • Position: All-rounder
  • Ran Singh’s all-round capacities and experience have braced the Tamil Thalaivas’ arrangement.
  • His job in the group’s Season 3 title victory highlights his importance.
Tamil Thalaivas players list

Mohit Chhillar

  • Position: Defender
  • A robust in protection, Mohit Chhillar’s handles and technique have been critical in the group’s prosperity.
  • His presence hardens the Tamil Thalaivas’ protective strength.

Vineet Sharma

  • Position: Defender
  • Vineet Sharma’s arising ability is a promising expansion to the Tamil Thalaivas’ guarded unit.
  • His capability to create and add to the group’s future undertakings is obvious.

Yashwant Bishnoi

  • Position: Raider
  • Yashwant Bishnoi’s raiding capacities have begun acquiring consideration, making him one to watch in the Tamil Thalaivas’ setup.


  • Position: Raider
  • As a new kid on the block, Anand holds the possibility to develop into a critical resource for the Tamil Thalaivas, displaying the group’s obligation to support youthful ability.

The adventure of the Tamil Thalaivas players is one of devotion, expertise, and winning in the domain of kabaddi. From raiders to defenders, every player brings an unmistakable mix of traits that improves the group’s aggregate strength. Their insights reflect tenacious exertion, tireless preparation, and unfaltering assurance.

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In the domain of kabaddi, the Tamil Thalaivas rise above being simply a group; they address a different gathering of gifts joined by their adoration for the game. The ventures made in obtaining these players highlight their natural worth and their capability to impact game results. As fans and lovers keep on following the Tamil Thalaivas’ journey, their effect on the kabaddi story becomes clear, highlighting kabaddi’s perseverance through allure as a game that consolidates procedure, expertise, and heart.

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As the Tamil Thalaivas’ inheritance develops, these players stay basic to the group’s goals and achievements, making an enrapturing story that enthralls crowds and rouses the up-and-coming age of kabaddi lovers. Through their commitment and unprecedented ability, the Tamil Thalaivas have proven that kabaddi is something beyond a game – it’s an encapsulation of enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and the relentless quest for greatness.