Kabaddi World Cup Winners List : A Glorious History of Champions

Kabaddi, a customary Indian game that mixes system, strength, and readiness, has gathered massive prominence in its nation of beginning as well as on the worldwide stage. With a set of experiences crossing over many years, the game has seen exciting rivalries that have left fans as eager and anxious as ever. From nearby competitions to worldwide titles, Kabaddi has displayed exceptional abilities and wild fights. In this article, we dig into the complete rundown of Kabaddi victors, featuring the bosses who have scratched their names in the records of sports history.

Kabaddi Winners: A Verifiable Outline

Kabaddi’s excursion from its country roots to turning into an internationally perceived sport has been a wonderful one. The game’s quintessence lies in its mix of actual prowess, mental keenness, and collaboration. Throughout the long term, different Kabaddi competitions have been coordinated, drawing in players and devotees from around the world. We should investigate the rundown of Kabaddi victors who have succeeded in their separate areas.

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Pro Kabaddi League : Strength and Show

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), an establishment-based league, plays had an essential impact in advocating Kabaddi past Indian boundaries. The league’s arrangement highlights groups addressing different Indian urban areas, adding to furious contentions and extraordinary matches. The 2021 season saw Patna Pirates arising as champions, securing the title in a grasping finale against Bengal Warriors.

Worldwide Greatness : Kabaddi World Cup

The Kabaddi World Cup has filled in as a stage for countries to feature their Kabaddi prowess on the global stage. In spite of the challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic, the competition has seen exciting releases previously. In 2016 and 2014.

The Asian Kabaddi Title has been a landmark for provincial incomparability. Countries like India, Iran, and South Korea have reliably exhibited their strength in this competition. India’s history remembers triumphs for 2019, 2015, and 2012, underlining their height as an Asian Kabaddi force to be reckoned with. Iran, with their vital interactivity, secured the title in 2017, exhibiting the variety of ability inside the mainland.

Public Pride : Public Kabaddi Title

The Public Kabaddi Title fills in as a stage for Indian states and domains to strive for the title of the best Kabaddi crew at the public level. The competition exhibits the grassroots abilities that eventually feed into the professional leagues and worldwide contests. The 2021 version saw Maharashtra securing the title, with Haryana agreeing to the other participants spot.

Dubai Enjoyment : Kabaddi Experts Dubai

Kabaddi’s prominence isn’t bound to its local land; it has found lovers around the world. The Kabaddi Experts Dubai, held in 2018, saw the conflict of Kabaddi titans India and Iran. India arose successful in a hard-battled last, setting their standing as a worldwide Kabaddi force to be reckoned with.

Table : List of Kabaddi Winners

List Kabaddi World Cup winners, both for India and the rest of the world:

YearWinner (India)Runners-Up (India)Winner (Rest of the World)Runners-Up (Rest of the World)
2007IndiaIranSouth KoreaIran
2010IndiaIranSouth KoreaBangladesh
2013IndiaIranSouth KoreaBangladesh
2016IndiaIranSouth KoreaBangladesh
2019IndiaIranSouth KoreaBangladesh
Kabaddi World Cup winners

List Pro Kabaddi League winners, with the number of trophies each team has won and the runners-up for each season:

pro kabaddi league
2014Patna Pirates3Bengaluru Bulls
2015Patna Pirates3Telugu Titans
2016Gujarat Giants1Patna Pirates
2017Patna Pirates3Jaipur Pink Panthers
2018Bengaluru Bulls2Patna Pirates
2019Dabang Delhi K.C.1Patna Pirates
2020Bengal Warriors1Patna Pirates
2021Patna Pirates3Dabang Delhi K.C.
2022Jaipur Pink Panthers1Bengal Warriors
Pro Kabaddi League winners

List Of Kabaddi Masters Dubai winners, with the number of trophies each team has won and the runners-up for each edition:

Kabaddi Masters Dubai winners
Kabaddi Masters Dubai winners

List of National Kabaddi Championship winners, with the number of trophies each state has won and the runners-up for each edition:

National Kabaddi Championship winners
Punjab4Uttar Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh3Andhra Pradesh
National Kabaddi Championship winners

List Of Asian Kabaddi Championship winners, with the number of trophies each country has won and the runners-up for each edition:

Asian Kabaddi Championship winners
Iran3South Korea
South Korea1Pakistan
Asian Kabaddi Championship winners

The journey of Kabaddi from its humble origins to international recognition is a true testament to the enduring appeal of this sport. The list of Kabaddi champions speaks volumes about the incredible dedication and passion displayed by players and teams worldwide.

From the Pro Kabaddi League to the  Kabaddi World Cup, and from the Asian Kabaddi Championship to the National Kabaddi Championship, these tournaments have not only brought glory to deserving champions but have also ignited a fervent following among fans. As Kabaddi continues to evolve and gain more prominence on the global stage we must remember these remarkable winners as pioneers who propelled this sport to unprecedented heights.