Top Stadiums hosting Pro kabaddi League

Pro Kabaddi has captured the attention of millions with its combination of strength, strategy, and swift maneuvers. The sport’s excitement goes beyond the intense takedowns and exhilarating raids. The stadiums where these battles take place come alive, resembling coliseums where heroes are born and legacies are made. In this article, we will explore the arenas that host the relentless battles of Pro Kabaddi. Each arena has its own rich history, electric atmosphere, and a legacy engraved in the world of sports.

List of Pro kabaddi Stadium

The Pro Kabaddi League emerged in 2014 with the belief that this traditional Indian sport had the ability to engage a modern audience. Drawing inspiration from successful sports leagues globally, the Pro Kabaddi League revolutionized the game by blending athleticism, strategic prowess, and captivating entertainment.

  1. Patna’s Patliputra Sports Complex
Patnas Patliputra Sports Complex kabaddi

The Patliputra Sports Complex, located in the center of Patna, is a tribute to the city’s love of Kabaddi. It has more over 6,000 seats and has hosted 67 spectacular games, turning into a stronghold for the Patna Pirates. The Telugu Titans and Patna Pirates squared off in the opening game, beginning a journey of intense rivalry and great experiences.

2.  Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru

Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium Bengaluru Kabaddi 1

Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium in Bengaluru is a revered Kabaddi haven nestled in the heart of Karnataka. With a seating capacity of around 4,000, it has witnessed an astounding total of 92 exhilarating matches. The stadium’s inaugural game, which saw the Bengaluru Bulls take on U Mumba, ignited a fiery passion for Kabaddi that still burns brightly today.

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3.  Babu Banarasi Das Indoor Stadium, Lucknow

Babu Banarasi Das Indoor Stadium Lucknow Kabaddi

The Babu Banarasi Das Indoor Stadium in Lucknow has become a stronghold of Kabaddi excitement, hosting 74 intense matches to date. The stadium, with a seating capacity of approximately 3,500, set the tone for its journey in the world of Kabaddi with an electrifying debut match between the UP Yoddha and the Telugu Titans.

4.  Thyagaraj Sports Complex, New Delhi

Thyagaraj Sports Complex New Delhi Kabaddi 1

The Thyagaraj Sports Complex in New Delhi is a popular venue for Kabaddi matches, with a seating capacity of around 4,000. Over the years, it has hosted an impressive 98 energetic and intense Kabaddi games. The stadium’s very first match was a captivating face-off between the Bengal Warriors and the Patna Pirates, marking the start of an exciting era filled with thrilling Kabaddi contests.

5.  The Arena by TransStadia, Ahmedabad

The Arena by TransStadia Ahmedabad Kabaddi 1

The Arena by TransStadia in Ahmedabad is a remarkable modern stadium that can accommodate over 20,000 spectators. It has hosted 61 thrilling Kabaddi matches, including the debut game between U Mumba and Patna Pirates. The stadium’s impressive design and atmosphere create an electrifying experience for both fans and players.

6.  Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad

Gachibowli Indoor Stadium Hyderabad Kabaddi

In Hyderabad, the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium has become a hub for Kabaddi lovers. With a seating capacity of approximately 4,000, this stadium has hosted 52 thrilling Kabaddi matches. The stadium’s journey began with a captivating face-off between the Telugu Titans and the Bengal Warriors, leaving the local crowd enthralled and solidifying its status as a prestigious venue for Kabaddi in the city.

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7.  Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Balewadi, Pune

Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Balewadi Pune Kabaddi 1

The Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Balewadi, Pune, has witnessed 85 thrilling Kabaddi matches. With a seating capacity of approximately 4,000 spectators, this stadium became the stage for the Puneri Paltan and Telugu Titans’ inaugural Kabaddi showdown—a start to an era filled with intense competition and unforgettable moments.

8.  Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Chennai Kabaddi 1

Chennai’s Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, with seating for approximately 8,000 spectators, has hosted 65 thrilling Kabaddi matches. The stadium made its debut in the world of Kabaddi with an intense clash between the Tamil Thalaivas and the Telugu Titans. This fiery encounter ignited a passion among the city’s fans, establishing it as a beloved destination for Kabaddi enthusiasts.

9.  Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata

Netaji Indoor Stadium Kolkata Kabaddi 1

Over the course of 54 captivating matches, the Netaji Indoor Stadium in Kolkata has witnessed countless thrilling Kabaddi contests. Its very first match, which pitted the Bengal Warriors against the Patna Pirates, set the tone for an ongoing series of electrifying battles that have truly made their mark on the city’s sporting scene. With a seating capacity of approximately 12,000 spectators, this stadium has become a hub for unforgettable Kabaddi action.

10.  Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Vizag

Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium Vizag Kabaddi

Located in the coastal city of Visakhapatnam, the Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium has established itself as a premier venue for Pro Kabaddi, hosting 47 exhilarating matches. The stadium’s opening Kabaddi showdown featured an electrifying clash between the Telugu Titans and U Mumba, igniting the mats with their intense rivalry. With a seating capacity of around 4,500 spectators, the stadium provides fans with an intimate and thrilling atmosphere to witness the exceptional skills displayed by raiders and defenders.

Every stadium in Pro Kabaddi has its own unique history, passionate crowd, and unforgettable matches that add to the overall spectacle of the sport. These arenas set the stage for thrilling raids and strategic tackles, allowing the drama of Kabaddi to come alive.