Dabang Delhi players list stats and records

The Pro Kabaddi League has carried a recharged power to the sport of kabaddi, transforming it from a conventional pastime to an undeniably exhilarating spectacle that captures the hearts of fans across the country. One group that has consistently demonstrated its prowess in this league is Dabang Delhi. Hailing from the capital city of India, Dabang Delhi has become synonymous with passion, assurance, and greatness in kabaddi. In this article, we will dig into the universe of Dabang Delhi and shed light on the wonderful players who play had a crucial impact on the group’s journey to success.

Introduction to Dabang Delhi

In the powerful domain of kabaddi, Dabang Delhi stands out as a name that resonates with both intense enthusiasts and casual observers the same. With a history set apart by savage contests and strategic brightness, Dabang Delhi has cut its specialty in the Pro Kabaddi League.

This article takes a top-to-bottom gander at the players of Dabang Delhi, offering a comprehensive analysis of their positions, biographies, statistics, and the investments made to secure their talents. From raiders to defenders, Dabang Delhi’s roster is a testament to the skill and versatility that define the cutting-edge kabaddi landscape.

Dabang Delhi players list stats records

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Dabang Delhi arose as a considerable competitor in the Pro Kabaddi League, making its presentation in the debut season in 2014. Since then, they have kept a strong presence in the league, known for their strategic interactivity, gifted players, and passionate fan base. Their consistent presentation throughout the years has collected them a committed following and standing as one of the league’s powerhouses.

Dabang Delhi’s Journey to Triumph

Dabang Delhi’s journey in the Pro Kabaddi League has been set apart by intense rivalries, exciting matches, and championship pursuits. The group has consistently performed well, securing season finisher spots and showing up in the finals. Their unfaltering obligation to prepare, cooperate, and novel strategies have been instrumental in their consistent success.

The Players Who Define Dabang Delhi

Dabang Delhi boasts a diverse and skilled roster of players, each contributing their distinct talents to the group’s overall presentation.

PlayerPositionAgeExperiencePKL Career StatsAchievementsTotal Bid (in INR)
Joginder NarwalDefender376 seasons231 tackle pointsPKL Finalist (Season 7)20,00,000
Meraj SheykhAll-rounder337 seasons372 pointsPKL Finalist (Season 7)45,50,000
Ravinder PahalDefender327 seasons297 tackle pointsPKL Finalist (Season 7)61,00,000
Naveen KumarRaider213 seasons501 raid pointsPKL Most Valuable Player (Season 7)77,00,000
Vishal ManeDefender377 seasons245 tackle pointsPKL Finalist (Season 7)40,00,000
Chandran RanjitRaider274 seasons253 raid pointsPKL Finalist (Season 7)46,00,000
Anil KumarDefender336 seasons129 tackle pointsPKL Finalist (Season 7)10,00,000
VijayRaider233 seasons108 raid pointsPKL Finalist (Season 7)7,25,000

Player Biographies and Achievements Of Dabang Delhi

Dabang Delhi players list stats and records

Joginder Narwal

  • Position: Defender
  • Joginder Narwal’s insight and leadership as a defender have been critical for Dabang Delhi.
  • He drove the group to the finals in Season 7, showcasing his capacity to strategize and anchor the defense.

Meraj Sheykh

  • Position: All-rounder
  • Meraj Sheykh’s versatility as an all-rounder has made him a significant asset for Dabang Delhi.
  • His contributions to raiding and protecting have been urgent in the group’s successes.

Ravinder Pahal

  • Position: Defender
  • Ravinder Pahal’s savage tackles and defensive prowess have consistently defeated opponents.
  • His effect on the group’s defensive strategies has been crucial for Dabang Delhi’s achievements.

Naveen Kumar

  • Position: Raider
  • Naveen Kumar’s explosive raiding abilities procured him the title of PKL’s Most Significant Player in Season 7.
  • His skill for scoring significant points has been a main thrust behind Dabang Delhi’s victories.

Vishal Mane

  • Position: Defender
  • Vishal Mane’s insight and solid tackles have provided stability to Dabang Delhi’s defense.
  • His contributions on the mat have added to the group’s amazing journey.

Chandran Ranjit

  • Position: Raider
  • Chandran Ranjit’s raiding prowess and deftness make him a powerful raider for Dabang Delhi.
  • His capacity to reverse the situation of matches has been essential in vital moments.

Anil Kumar

  • Position: Defender
  • Anil Kumar’s defensive skills have bolstered Dabang Delhi’s overall defensive strategy.
  • His diligence on the mat has been an asset in challenging situations.


  • Position: Raider
  • Vijay’s raiding skills and assurance make him a promising youthful ability for Dabang Delhi.
  • His development potential presents an astonishing prospect for the group’s future.

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Dabang Delhi players list stats

As we dig into the lives and skills of Dabang Delhi’s players, a tapestry of passion, commitment, and expertise emerges. Every player, whether a raider, defender, or all-rounder, brings a novel set of attributes that add to the group’s aggregate strength. Their statistics mirror their enduring pursuit of greatness, representing countless hours of difficult work, preparation, and responsibility.

In the realm of kabaddi, Dabang Delhi isn’t just a group; it’s a local area of diverse talents joined by their adoration for the game. The investments made to gain these players underscore their worth and potential to impact matches. As fans and enthusiasts witness Dabang Delhi’s journey, the effect of these players on the sport’s story becomes clear, supporting the perseverance through the allure of kabaddi as a round of strategy, skill, and heart.

With Dabang Delhi’s inheritance proceeding to develop, these players stay necessary to the group’s ambitions and accomplishments, making an enrapturing saga that enthralls audiences and inspires the up-and-coming age of kabaddi enthusiasts.