Pro Kabaddi Season 5 Full Match Schedule and Highlights

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) has emerged as one of the most exciting and popular sporting events in India, capturing the hearts of millions of fans across the country. The 2017 season of the PKL was no exception, featuring intense battles, incredible displays of skill, and fierce competition among the best kabaddi teams in the country. With Group A and Group B divisions, each comprising six teams, the season unfolded with a plethora of thrilling matches that showcased the true essence of kabaddi.

Pro Kabaddi Season 5 Full Match Details

Pro Kabaddi Season 5
Pro Kabaddi Season 5

In this overview, we delve into the standings and performances of the teams in both Group A and Group B of the 2017 Pro Kabaddi League, highlighting the top contenders who fought their way to the playoffs. From Gujarat Giants to Bengal Warriors, Puneri Paltan to Patna Pirates, this season was a testament to the enduring appeal and competitiveness of kabaddi as a sport in India.

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Pro Kabaddi Season 5 Full Match Schedule

DateMatchTeam 1ScoreTeam 2Score
October 28, 2017FinalGujarat Giants38Patna Pirates55
October 26, 2017Qualifier 2Bengal Warriors44Patna Pirates47
October 24, 2017Eliminator 3Puneri Paltan32Patna Pirates42
Qualifier 1Gujarat Giants42Bengal Warriors17
October 23, 2017Eliminator 2Patna Pirates69Haryana Steelers30
Eliminator 1Puneri Paltan40U.P. Yoddhas38
October 20, 2017Match 132Puneri Paltan22Gujarat Giants23
Match 131Telugu Titans37Bengal Warriors37
October 18, 2017Match 130Puneri Paltan38Jaipur Pink Panthers15
Match 129Patna Pirates29Bengaluru Bulls29
October 17, 2017Match 128Puneri Paltan27Haryana Steelers31
Match 51Bengaluru Bulls64U.P. Yoddhas24
October 15, 2017Match 127Puneri Paltan34Dabang Delhi31
Match 126Bengaluru Bulls38U.P. Yoddhas32
October 14, 2017Match 125Puneri Paltan43U Mumba24
Match 124Tamil Thalaivas40Patna Pirates37
October 13, 2017Match 123Bengal Warriors34Tamil Thalaivas30
Match 122Puneri Paltan20Gujarat Giants44
October 12, 2017Match 121Jaipur Pink Panthers32U.P. Yoddhas53
October 11, 2017Match 120Jaipur Pink Panthers27Haryana Steelers37
Match 119Dabang Delhi32Bengaluru Bulls35
October 10, 2017Match 118Jaipur Pink Panthers34Dabang Delhi35
Match 117U Mumba35Tamil Thalaivas38
October 08, 2017Match 116Jaipur Pink Panthers30Puneri Paltan38
Match 115Gujarat Giants33Patna Pirates29
October 07, 2017Match 114Jaipur Pink Panthers36U Mumba32
Match 113Haryana Steelers32Telugu Titans30
October 06, 2017Match 112Puneri Paltan19Bengal Warriors25
Match 111Jaipur Pink Panthers23Gujarat Giants29
October 05, 2017Match 110Tamil Thalaivas35Bengaluru Bulls45
October 04, 2017Match 109Tamil Thalaivas33U.P. Yoddhas37
Match 108U Mumba30Haryana Steelers41
October 03, 2017Match 107Tamil Thalaivas37Telugu Titans58
Match 106Dabang Delhi22Gujarat Giants42
October 01, 2017Match 105Tamil Thalaivas30U Mumba33
Match 104Jaipur Pink Panthers31Bengal Warriors32
September 30, 2017Match 103Tamil Thalaivas26Jaipur Pink Panthers27
Match 102Puneri Paltan34U.P. Yoddhas33
September 29, 2017Match 101Gujarat Giants30Patna Pirates29
Match 100Tamil Thalaivas20Puneri Paltan33
September 28, 2017Match 99Dabang Delhi22Telugu Titans44
Match 98Bengaluru Bulls30U Mumba42
September 27, 2017Match 97Dabang Delhi16U.P. Yoddhas45
Match 96Telugu Titans41Jaipur Pink Panthers34
September 26, 2017Match 95Dabang Delhi34Patna Pirates36
Match 94Gujarat Giants34Tamil Thalaivas35
September 24, 2017Match 93Dabang Delhi24Haryana Steelers42
Match 92Bengal Warriors32Tamil Thalaivas33
September 23, 2017Match 91Dabang Delhi29Puneri Paltan34
Match 90Bengaluru Bulls29Bengal Warriors33
September 22, 2017Match 89Dabang Delhi28U Mumba30
September 21, 2017Match 88Patna Pirates41U.P. Yoddhas46
Match 87Jaipur Pink Panthers26Haryana Steelers30
September 20, 2017Match 86Patna Pirates41Tamil Thalaivas39
Match 52U Mumba23Gujarat Giants45
September 19, 2017Match 85Patna Pirates36Bengaluru Bulls32
Match 84Puneri Paltan37Haryana Steelers25
September 17, 2017Match 83Patna Pirates37Bengal Warriors37
Match 82Jaipur Pink Panthers36Dabang Delhi25
September 16, 2017Match 81Patna Pirates45U.P. Yoddhas42
Match 80Bengaluru Bulls26Telugu Titans26
September 15, 2017Match 79U Mumba28Gujarat Giants39
Match 78Patna Pirates46Telugu Titans30
September 14, 2017Match 77Haryana Steelers27Jaipur Pink Panthers27
September 13, 2017Match 76Haryana Steelers22Puneri Paltan38
Match 75Tamil Thalaivas34U.P. Yoddhas33
September 12, 2017Match 74Haryana Steelers27Dabang Delhi24
Match 73Bengal Warriors32Telugu Titans31
September 10, 2017Match 72Haryana Steelers19Telugu Titans37
Match 71Bengaluru Bulls24Puneri Paltan20
September 09, 2017Match 70Haryana Steelers38Bengaluru Bulls31
Match 69Patna Pirates41U Mumba51
September 08, 2017Match 68Gujarat Giants30U.P. Yoddhas30
Match 67Haryana Steelers41Patna Pirates41
September 07, 2017Match 66Bengal Warriors31Dabang Delhi31
Match 65Telugu Titans37Puneri Paltan42
September 06, 2017Match 64Bengal Warriors31U Mumba37
Match 63Dabang Delhi38Bengaluru Bulls30
September 05, 2017Match 62Bengal Warriors29Haryana Steelers36
Match 61Patna Pirates47Jaipur Pink Panthers21
September 03, 2017Match 60Bengal Warriors29Tamil Thalaivas25
Match 59Gujarat Giants25Jaipur Pink Panthers31
September 02, 2017Match 58Bengal Warriors26U.P. Yoddhas26
Match 57Gujarat Giants36Haryana Steelers42
September 01, 2017Match 56Bengal Warriors41Patna Pirates38
Match 55Tamil Thalaivas21Puneri Paltan33
August 31, 2017Match 54Bengal Warriors29U Mumba21
Match 53Telugu Titans44Dabang Delhi22
August 30, 2017Match 51Gujarat Giants38Tamil Thalaivas20
Match 50Bengal Warriors30Patna Pirates30
August 29, 2017Match 49Bengal Warriors32U.P. Yoddhas41
Match 48Puneri Paltan42Jaipur Pink Panthers19
August 28, 2017Match 47Bengal Warriors32Dabang Delhi31
Match 46Gujarat Giants29U Mumba23
August 27, 2017Match 45Bengal Warriors33Haryana Steelers29
Match 44Puneri Paltan47Tamil Thalaivas42
August 26, 2017Match 43Bengal Warriors30Telugu Titans24
Match 42Gujarat Giants23Jaipur Pink Panthers29
August 25, 2017Match 41Bengal Warriors32Bengaluru Bulls26
Match 40Puneri Paltan36U Mumba38
August 24, 2017Match 39Gujarat Giants35Dabang Delhi34
Match 38Bengal Warriors32Tamil Thalaivas31
August 23, 2017Match 37Gujarat Giants31Bengal Warriors32
Match 36U Mumba18Telugu Titans37
August 22, 2017Match 35Gujarat Giants36Bengaluru Bulls31
Match 34Haryana Steelers29Tamil Thalaivas25
August 20, 2017Match 33Gujarat Giants25Puneri Paltan23
Match 32U.P. Yoddhas33Jaipur Pink Panthers35
August 19, 2017Match 31Gujarat Giants36Patna Pirates43
Match 30Bengal Warriors24U Mumba30
August 18, 2017Match 29Bengaluru Bulls20Telugu Titans32
Match 28Gujarat Giants21Haryana Steelers27
August 17, 2017Match 27U.P. Yoddhas53Tamil Thalaivas32
Match 26Gujarat Giants32Puneri Paltan43
August 15, 2017Match 25Bengaluru Bulls38Dabang Delhi30
Match 24Gujarat Giants32Bengal Warriors31
August 14, 2017Match 23Bengaluru Bulls24U.P. Yoddhas27
Match 22Gujarat Giants23Telugu Titans24
August 13, 2017Match 21Bengaluru Bulls27Haryana Steelers29
Match 20Gujarat Giants28Jaipur Pink Panthers24
August 12, 2017Match 19Bengaluru Bulls24Puneri Paltan29
Match 18Gujarat Giants35Tamil Thalaivas34
August 11, 2017Match 17Bengaluru Bulls32Patna Pirates24
Match 16Gujarat Giants23Dabang Delhi24
August 09, 2017Match 15Bengaluru Bulls23U Mumba24
Match 14Telugu Titans32Tamil Thalaivas27
August 08, 2017Match 13Bengaluru Bulls31Gujarat Giants28
Match 12Telugu Titans32Patna Pirates27
August 07, 2017Match 11Bengaluru Bulls24Bengal Warriors33
Match 10Telugu Titans32U.P. Yoddhas27
August 05, 2017Match 9Telugu Titans25Puneri Paltan25
Match 8Bengaluru Bulls27Jaipur Pink Panthers30
August 04, 2017Match 7Bengaluru Bulls38U.P. Yoddhas32
Match 6Telugu Titans32Haryana Steelers29
August 03, 2017Match 5Bengaluru Bulls31Tamil Thalaivas21
Match 4Telugu Titans26U Mumba30
August 02, 2017Match 3Bengaluru Bulls28Patna Pirates24
Match 2Telugu Titans32Bengal Warriors31
August 01, 2017Match 1Telugu Titans32Tamil Thalaivas27

Pro Kabaddi Points Table and Standings

Pro Kabaddi Season 5
Pro Kabaddi Season 5

Group A

PosTeamPWLTScore DiffFormPts
Q1Gujarat Giants221543126W W L T W87
Q2Puneri Paltan22157091W W L W W80
Q3Haryana Steelers22135440W T W T L79
4U Mumba2210120-50W L W W L56
5Jaipur Pink Panthers228131-91W W L W L51
6Dabang Delhi K.C.225161-134L L L L W38

Group B

PosTeamPWLTScore DiffFormPts
Q1Bengal Warriors22115619T L L W W77
Q2Patna Pirates22107560L T W W W71
Q3U.P. Yoddha2281042T W L W W60
4Bengaluru Bulls22811310T L L W W57
5Telugu Titans227123-2L L L L W52
6Tamil Thalaivas226142-71L T W L L46
For Guide Win / Tie / Lost – Q stands for qualifier W – Win T – Tie L – Lost

The 2017 Pro Kabaddi League season was a testament to the enduring popularity of the sport in India, From the dominating performances of Gujarat Giants in Group A to the resilient spirit of Bengal Warriors in Group B, the season had its fair share of standout moments and unforgettable displays of skill.

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As the top teams from each group battled it out in the playoffs and eventually for the championship title, the 2017 PKL season left an indelible mark on the hearts of kabaddi enthusiasts. The league continues to evolve, attracting talent from across the globe and serving as a platform for young and seasoned players alike to showcase their skills.

With each passing season, the Pro Kabaddi League cements its position as a premier sporting event in India, promising even more excitement, drama, and kabaddi action in the years to come. As fans eagerly await the next season, they can look back at the 2017 season as a testament to the enduring charm of kabaddi and the relentless pursuit of victory by the teams that make this league truly exceptional.