List of Kabaddi Teams Nation Wise

Kabaddi, a game with profound roots in South Asia, has consistently developed to turn into a worldwide sensation, dazzling crowds with its novel mix of technique, expertise, and crude actual power. With the ascent of expert associations and global competitions, kabaddi has risen above social limits, joining countries under the standard of physicality and contest.

This article investigates the different kabaddi crews country-wise, digging into their rankings and commitments to the game’s worldwide ubiquity.

The Development of Kabaddi as a Worldwide Game

Beginning in India, kabaddi was historically played in provincial regions and was fundamentally bound to the Indian subcontinent. Be that as it may, the game’s inborn energy and straightforwardness gradually stood out past its customary limits. The presentation of different kabaddi associations, like the Genius Kabaddi Association (PKL) in India, went about as an impetus, driving kabaddi onto the global stage.

This flood in prevalence prepared for the foundation of kabaddi crews in numerous nations, each addressing their separate countries with satisfaction.

List Of Kabaddi Teams and Players

1. India Kabaddi Team :

India Kabaddi Team

Without a doubt, India remains at the front of the kabaddi world. The country’s notable association with the game and its consistent strength have acquired the best position in global kabaddi rankings. With a rich tradition of kabaddi titles and an intense following, India’s kabaddi ability is unrivaled. The Indian kabaddi crews, all kinds of people, have reliably displayed unparalleled ability, methodology, and cooperation. The Ace Kabaddi Association (PKL) has additionally pushed the game’s ubiquity, sustaining a pool of ability that succeeds at the worldwide level.

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2. Iran Kabaddi Team :

Iran Kabaddi Team 3

Iran’s ascent in the realm of kabaddi has been downright astounding. With restrained preparation and a fastidious system, the Iranian kabaddi crew has gotten areas of strength in worldwide rankings. The country’s obligation to sustain kabaddi ability has yielded noteworthy outcomes, and their matches are much of the time described by a mix of constancy and accuracy.

3. Pakistan Kabaddi Team :

pakistan Kabaddi Team

Pakistan’s kabaddi heritage is profoundly entwined with its social texture. The country’s kabaddi crew brags a rich history of achievement, procuring them a good situation in global kabaddi rankings. The furious contention between India and Pakistan in kabaddi is suggestive of their cricketing conflicts, displaying the game’s extraordinarily serious soul.

4. South Korea Kabaddi Team :

south korea Kabaddi Team

South Korea has arisen as an amazing powerhouse in worldwide kabaddi. Known for their nimbleness and quick interactivity, the South Korean kabaddi crew has climbed the positions consistently. Their momentous key methodology and capable strikes have frequently surprised rivals, mirroring their obligation to dominate the subtleties of the game.

5. Bangladesh Kabaddi Team :

bangladesh kabaddi team

Bangladesh’s kabaddi crew is portrayed by its speedy and dynamic style of play. The country’s intense following for kabaddi has converted into a serious group that reliably performs well on the worldwide stage. Matches between Bangladesh and its adjoining rivals add a layer of energy to the kabaddi scene.

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6. Sri Lanka Kabaddi Team :

sri lanka kabaddi team

Sri Lanka’s kabaddi venture is a demonstration of the game’s arrival across the Indian Sea. The Sri Lankan kabaddi crew’s assurance and expertise have procured them an eminent situation in worldwide rankings. Their exhibitions mirror a country’s devotion to protecting the pith of kabaddi and displaying it on the worldwide stage.

7. Kenya Kabaddi Team :

Kenya kabaddi team

Kabaddi’s prevalence has spread to Africa, with Kenya arising as a pioneer. The Kenyan kabaddi crew’s physicality and excitement for the game have converted into excellent exhibitions. Their cooperation in global competitions mirrors the game’s general allure.

8. Thailand Kabaddi Team :

Thailand Kabaddi Team

Thailand’s kabaddi venture highlights the worldwide extension of the game. The Thai kabaddi crew’s turn of events and development in expertise feature kabaddi’s capacity to reverberate with different societies and districts.

9. Indonesia Kabaddi Team :

Indonesia Kabaddi Team

Indonesia’s introduction to kabaddi mirrors the game’s rising prominence past its conventional limits. The Indonesian kabaddi crew’s endeavors to foster a cutthroat presence add to the worldwide kabaddi scene.

10. Nepal Kabaddi Team :

Nepal Kabaddi Team

Nepal’s enthusiasm for kabaddi is obvious through its public group’s exhibitions. While somewhat new on the worldwide stage, Nepal’s kabaddi players display devotion and commitment, adding to the variety of the game.

Here are the top 10 nations in the International Kabaddi Federation (IKF) rankings as of August 2023:

  • India is ranked first in the IKF rankings with 12965.12 points.
  • Iran is ranked second with 2456.4 points.
  • Pakistan is ranked third with 2009.04 points.
  • South Korea is ranked fourth with 1869.9 points.
  • Bangladesh is ranked fifth with 1760.68 points.
  • Sri Lanka is ranked sixth with 1577.38 points.
  • Kenya is ranked seventh with 1344.52 points.
  • Thailand is ranked eighth with 1255.52 points.
  • Indonesia is ranked ninth with 1182.8 points.
  • Nepal is ranked tenth with 1164.76 points.

The global kabaddi rankings give a brief look into the universe of kabaddi where various countries meet up to exhibit their ability and enthusiasm for the game. From customary forces to be reckoned with to arising competitors, these countries add to the worldwide kabaddi story, encouraging a feeling of solidarity through contest and brotherhood.

As kabaddi keeps on rising above borders, the rankings develop, mirroring the devotion of these countries to keep the kabaddi fire shining brilliantly on the global stage.