Top All time All Rounders in the Pro Kabaddi League

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) has been a stage for exhibiting the unmatched expertise, strength, and readiness of kabaddi players from around the world. Among the different positions, the all-rounders stand apart as the heartbeat of a group. They have the capacity to raid with artfulness and protect with versatility, making them the most significant resources in any kabaddi crew. Throughout the long term, the league has seen the ascent of a few uncommon all-rounders who have made a permanent imprint on the game. In this article, we dive into the main five all-time all-rounders in the Pro Kabaddi League, commending their surprising commitments and investigating their excursion to kabaddi fame.

Top 5 All-Time All-Rounders in Pro Kabaddi League

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PlayerTeamTotal Points
Pardeep NarwalPatna Pirates1107
Maninder SinghBengal Warriors817
Rahul ChaudhariTelugu Titans876
Deepak Niwas HoodaJaipur Pink Panthers956
Sandeep NarwalVarious Teams589

1. Pardeep Narwal: The Dubki King

Pardeep Narwal The Dubki King

Pardeep Narwal’s kabaddi venture has been characterized by his remarkable raiding abilities that have left defenders bewildered. Addressing the Patna Privateers, Narwal has become the best at the “dubki,” a move that includes an unexpected and lithe departure from a gathering of defenders. This move joined with his lightning-fast raids, has reliably surprised rivals. Narwal’s raids are a mix of accuracy, readiness, and eccentricism, making him a bad dream for defenders to expect.

His immaculate timing is another feature that separates him. He has an uncanny capacity to strike at the ideal second, getting defenders cockeyed and getting focused for his group. His raids are not just about individual splendor; they frequently turn the energy of the match for his group. Pardeep Narwal’s extraordinary talent for reversing the situation without any help has procured him the moniker “Dubki Ruler” and a stunning 1107 points, solidifying his heritage as one of the best all-rounders in PKL history.

2. Maninder Singh: The Strength-Strategy Fusion

Maninder Singh The Strength Strategy Fusion

Maninder Singh’s kabaddi venture with the Bengal Fighters has been described by an extraordinary mix of solidarity and procedure. His raids are a mix of savage power and strategic artfulness, leaving fans and rivals awestruck. Singh’s nimbleness permits him to sneak past defenders, and his strong scramble in guard makes him a flexible player who can perform well on the two sides of the mat.

What makes Singh excellent is his capacity to adjust to various match circumstances. Whether the group needs speedy points or a durable safeguard, he moves forward to the test. His devotion to improving his abilities and keeping up with consistency is obvious in his 817 points. Singh’s kabaddi prowess is a demonstration of the force of consolidating actual prowess with vital reasoning.

3. Rahul Chaudhari: The Raid Machine

Rahul Chaudhari The Raid Machine

Rahul Chaudhari, known as the “Raid Machine,” has reclassified the craft of raiding in the Pro Kabaddi League. Addressing the Telugu Titans, Chaudhari’s raids are described by their speed, accuracy, and capacity to escape from apparently incomprehensible circumstances. He has an intrinsic feeling of timing that permits him to execute fruitful raids against even the most careful defenders.

Chaudhari’s dexterity and adaptability make him a bad dream for defenders to nail down. His capacity to score points reliably has not just made him one of the league’s driving raiders yet in addition procured him a solitary standing as a player-handedly steers a match. With a noteworthy count of 876 places, Rahul Chaudhari’s inheritance as a raiding maestro stays steadfast.

4. Deepak Niwas Hooda: The Versatile Captain

Deepak Niwas Hooda The Versatile Captain

As the chief of the Jaipur Pink Pumas, Deepak Niwas Hooda has displayed the pith of being an all-rounder. His flexibility in both raiding and safeguarding is a demonstration of his total comprehension of the game. Hooda’s raids are set apart by their knowledge and vital approach, frequently focusing on flimsy spots in the resistance’s safeguard.

Similarly significant in safeguarding, Hooda’s handles and holds have been instrumental in vital minutes for his group. His initiative on and off the mat has been a main impetus for the Pink Jaguars. With a sum of 956 places, Hooda’s commitments to PKL are an impression of his balanced abilities and assurance to succeed in all parts of kabaddi.

5. Sandeep Narwal: The Unstoppable Beast

Sandeep Narwal The Unstoppable Beast

Sandeep Narwal’s presence on the kabaddi mat is similar to the power of nature. Frequently alluded to as the “Monster,” Narwal’s fierceness and assurance have made him a champion player. Addressing different groups all through his PKL venture, Narwal’s commitments have reliably molded the result of matches. His guarded abilities are especially significant, with his strong runs and all-around planned handles upsetting raiders’ arrangements.

What makes Narwal extraordinary is his capacity to switch jobs when required. While he is principally known for his safeguard, he has displayed his raiding prowess on a few events, surprising rivals. His dynamic ongoing interaction and match-turning exhibitions have procured him a sum of 589 places. Sandeep Narwal’s heritage as a savage and flexible all-rounder is solidly settled in the records of Pro Kabaddi League history.

The table showcasing the trophies won by each of the top 5 all-time all-rounders in the Pro Kabaddi League:

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PlayerTotal PointsTrophies WonTournament Titles
Pardeep Narwal1107PKL Season 4 (2016)1
Maninder Singh817PKL Season 7 (2019)1
Rahul Chaudhari876None0
Deepak Niwas Hooda956None0
Sandeep Narwal589PKL Season 2 (2015), PKL Season 4 (2016)2

The Pro Kabaddi League has seen the ascent of various surprising players, however, the all-rounders have reliably stood apart as the foundation of their groups. Pardeep Narwal’s raiding artfulness, Maninder Singh’s essential approach, Rahul Chaudhari’s raiding machine persona, Deepak Niwas Hooda’s adaptability, and Sandeep Narwal’s sheer savagery have separated them as the best five all-time all-rounders in the league. These players have exhibited excellent abilities as well as motivated the group of people yet to become kabaddi aficionados. As the league keeps on developing, these all-rounders’ commitments will stay an indispensable piece of PKL’s inheritance, helping us to remember the rush and energy they brought to the kabaddi mat.