List of PKL winners (season-wise)

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) has emerged as one of the most riveting and celebrated sporting events in India, captivating the hearts of millions of fans across the nation. This unique blend of strategy, strength, and skill has not only brought kabaddi into the mainstream spotlight but has also given rise to a new era of sports entertainment. Over the course of nine seasons, the PKL has witnessed some incredible moments, fierce rivalries, and extraordinary displays of athleticism. Let’s take a journey through the annals of PKL history, reliving the glory of each season’s champion.

PKL Season 9 victor: Jaipur Pink Panthers

Season 9 2022 Jaipur Pink Panthers

Jaipur Pink Panthers brought home their second Pro Kabaddi championship, edging past Puneri Paltan 33-29 in the Season 9 Last. Skipper Sunil Kumar’s High 5 and a collective exertion from Arjun Deshwal and Ajith Kumar in the offense with six raid points each assisted the inaugural champions with claiming magnificence once again in the 10th release.

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) of Season 9, Arjun Deshwal, finished off the raiding charts with 296 raid points. Then again, Jaipur Pink Panthers found a star defender in Ankush, who made the most tackle points by any debutant (89) in PKL history. Bengaluru Bulls’ Bharat was adjudged the Best Raider of the Time with 279 raid points.

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The 10th release of PKL marked the return of the fans to the stadium as Bengaluru, Pune, and Hyderabad facilitated the league stage, while Mumbai was the venue for the End of the season games.

PKL Season 8 champ: Dabang Delhi K.C.

Season 8 2021 22 Dabang Delhi K

Dabang Delhi K.C. clinched their lady PKL prize in Season 8 as they beat Patna Pirates 37-36 to become the 6th group in the league’s set of experiences to come out on top for the championship. The 2-time MVP, Naveen Kumar, and exciting all-rounder Vijay scored Super 10s each in the last as they took on Patna Pirates’ protection driven by Mohammadreza Chiyaneh.

Veteran all-rounder Manjeet Chhillar finished his campaign as the best defender for the side with 52 tackle points.

Season 8 last saw the closest edge of success in a PKL last where Dabang Delhi K.C. arose as champions, beating the three-time champions by just 1 point.

PKL Season 7 victor: Bengal Warriors

Season 7 2019 Bengal Warriors

A collective exertion from the Bengal Warriors saw them becoming PKL champions without precedent for Season 7.

The last of PKL Season 7 was played between two of the top groups during the season, Dabang Delhi K.C. also, the Bengal Warriors. Captain and lead raider (205 points) Maninder Singh was sidelined from the last due to an injury.

In spite of facing Naveen Kumar, who was the MVP of the time, the Bengal Warriors never looked out of the game. Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh shouldered the obligation of the group and conveyed a game-dominating Super 10 in the Last as Bengal Warriors beat Dabang Delhi K.C. 39-34 in the last.

PKL Season 6 champ: Bengaluru Bulls

Season 6 2018 Bengaluru Bulls

Driven by captain Rohit Kumar, Bengaluru Bulls brought home the PKL championship in Season 6 with Pawan Sehrawat, named MVP, arising as the find of the tournament with 282 points.

It was a close fight between Bengaluru Bulls and Gujarat Fortunegiants in the last. Eventually, it was Pawan Sehrawat’s magnificent performance that took the game away. Pawan scored 22 points as the Bengaluru Bulls crushed Gujarat Monsters 38-33 to lift their lady PKL title.

PKL Season 5 victor: Patna Pirates

Season 5 2017 Patna Pirates 1

Four new groups were added to Pro Kabaddi in Season 5 but Patna Pirates proceeded to come out on top for a full go-around of championships.

Patna Pirates proceeded to score 1,050 points in PKL Season 5, which is the biggest number of points scored by a group in a solitary season.

It was an uneven issue in the Pro Kabaddi Season 5 last as Patna Pirates beat Gujarat Monsters 55-38. Pardeep Narwal came out on top for the championship of the time’s MVP on the back of some incredible details: most raid points (369), most super raids (18), and most super 10s (19).

PKL Season 4 victor: Patna Pirates

Pardeep Narwal drove Patna Pirates to one more title in PKL Season 4 notwithstanding the departure of Rohit Kumar to Bengaluru Bulls.

Patna Pirates completed the league at the highest point of the table with 10 successes in 14 matches. Pardeep Narwal drove the raids with 133 points while Iranian ace Fazel Atrachali drove Patna’s protection with 45 tackle points.

Season 4 Patna Pirates 1

Patna Pirates met Jaipur Pink Panthers in the last. Pardeep Narwal stowed 16 points in the match to give Patna Pirates their second PKL championship on the run with a 37-29 scoreline. Thus, Patna Pirates became the main group to bring home the PKL championship twice.

PKL Season 3 champ: Patna Pirates

Patna Pirates came out on top for their most memorable Pro Kabaddi championship in PKL Season 3. After a brief campaign with Bengaluru Bulls in Season 2, Patna Pirates’ Pardeep Narwal adapted to the situation with the most raid points (116) under his belt in Season 3.

Season 3 Patna Pirates 1

Patna Pirates’ Rohit Kumar was named MVP while Sandeep Narwal packed away the second-most tackle points (53) in the season.

Patna Pirates crushed the then defending champs U Mumba 31-28 to come out on top for their lady PKL championship with Rohit Kumar scoring 7 points in the last.

PKL Season 2 victor: U Mumba

The runners-up of the inaugural PKL season, U Mumba, ruled the league in the second season with a more grounded guarded unit.

In 14 league matches, U Mumba arose victorious in 12 outings. Toward the finish of the time, they had the most tackle points (196) and the best typical tackle points per match (12.25).

Season 2 2015 U Mumba 1

U Mumba took on the Bengaluru Bulls in the Season 2 finale. The match was ready for a close completion in the second half when Shabeer Bappu’s Super Raid made it happen for U Mumba in the perishing minutes as they won 36-30.

PKL Season 1 champ: Jaipur Pink Panthers

The primary Pro Kabaddi title was won by the Jaipur Pink Panthers in 2014. Notwithstanding losing the inaugural match of PKL, Jaipur Pink Panthers won 10 of their 14 league games to arise as the most consistent side of PKL Season 1.

Their lead raider, Maninder Singh, had a magnificent season scoring 137 points and was third overall completing just behind U Mumba’s Anup Kumar (169) and Telugu Titans’ Rahul Chaudhari (161) in the points tally.

Season 1 2014 Jaipur Pink Panthers

Maninder likewise scored a Super 10 in the last against U Mumba, driving Jaipur Pink Panthers to the very first PKL title, beating U Mumba 35-24.

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PKL Season 1Jaipur Pink Panthers
PKL Season 2U Mumba
PKL Season 3Patna Pirates
PKL Season 4Patna Pirates
PKL Season 5Patna Pirates
PKL Season 6Bengaluru Bulls
PKL Season 7 Bengal Warriors
PKL Season 8Dabang Delhi K.C.
PKL Season 9Jaipur Pink Panthers