Bengal Warriors players list stats and records

The Pro Kabaddi League has breathed new life into the deep-rooted game of kabaddi, changing it from a conventional interest into a display that orders the consideration of the crowd’s cross country. Among the group of stars of groups that have reliably exhibited their grit in the league, the Bengal Warriors have cut a particular specialty for themselves. Hailing from the dynamic territory of West Bengal, the Bengal Warriors have become inseparable from energy, ability, and win in the realm of kabaddi. In this article, we set out on an excursion through the domain of the Bengal Warriors, digging into the profiles of their momentous cooperative people who have been instrumental in controlling the group toward its accomplishments.

Introduction to Bengal Warriors

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In the unique universe of Kabaddi, the Bengal Warriors sparkle as a guide of greatness that resounds with both impassioned lovers and relaxed spectators. With a heritage set apart by the furious contest and vital brightness, the Bengal Warriors have carved their name in the records of the Pro Kabaddi League. This complete investigation disentangles the stories of the Bengal Warriors’ cooperative people, offering a complex examination of their jobs, accounts, execution insights, and the ventures that were made to get their abilities. From agile raiders to steadfast defenders, the Bengal Warriors’ gathering exemplifies the prowess and adaptability that characterize contemporary kabaddi.

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Arising as one of the debut groups in the Pro Kabaddi League beginning in 2014, the Bengal Warriors have since set their situation as an impressive power in the league. Their heritage is based on key interactivity, gifted competitors, and a passionate fan base. The predictable presentations of greatness throughout the years have procured them a dedicated following and standing as one of the league’s forces to be reckoned with.

Bengal Warriors’ Road to Glory

Bengal Warriors players

The excursion of the Bengal Warriors in the Pro Kabaddi League has been accentuated by serious contentions, elating experiences, and title victories. The group has reliably shown its prowess, getting compartments in playoffs and finals on various events. Their resolute obligation to prepare, collaborate, and advance has been critical in their supported achievement.

The Abilities of Bengal Warriors Players

The Bengal Warriors have a different list of exceptionally gifted players, each contributing their remarkable abilities to the group’s aggregate brightness.

PlayerPositionAgeExperiencePKL Career StatsAchievementsTotal Bid (in INR)
Maninder SinghRaider287 seasons677 pointsPKL Champion (Season 7)35,00,000
Ravindra RameshDefender254 seasons146 tackle pointsPKL Champion (Season 7)15,00,000
Mohammad Esmaeil NabibakhshAll-rounder262 seasons78 raid points, 35 tackle pointsPKL Champion (Season 7)77,75,000
Sukesh HegdeRaider317 seasons325 pointsPKL Champion (Season 7)20,00,000
Baldev SinghDefender243 seasons124 tackle pointsPKL Champion (Season 7)25,50,000
Rinku NarwalDefender244 seasons79 tackle pointsPKL Champion (Season 7)20,00,000
AmitDefender245 seasons48 tackle pointsPKL Champion (Season 7)20,00,000
Jeeva KumarDefender347 seasons200 tackle pointsPKL Champion (Season 7)31,00,000

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Player Biographies and Achievements of Bengal Warriors Players

Bengal Warriors Champion

Maninder Singh

Position: Raider A prolific raider, Maninder Singh’s speedy reflexes and nimbleness convey strong offensive intimidation. He assumed a vital part in driving the Bengal Warriors to victory in Season 7 of PKL.

Ravindra Ramesh

Position: Defender Ravindra’s guarded prowess and determined handles have reinforced the Bengal Warriors’ protection. He assumed a critical part in the group’s title win in Season 7.

Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh

Position: All-rounder Nabibakhsh’s flexibility as both a raider and a defender has added profundity to the Bengal Warriors’ technique. His critical commitments were instrumental in getting the title in Season 7.

Sukesh Hegde

Position: Raider Sukesh’s key raiding abilities and capacity to score critical points have made him a standout player. He assumed an essential part in the Bengal Warriors’ title victory in Season 7.

Baldev Singh

Position: Defender Baldev’s uncommon handling skills and strength in the protection line have been critical for the group’s prosperity. He contributed altogether to the title-winning effort in Season 7.

Rinku Narwal

Position: Defender Rinku’s tireless handles and guarded security provide a strong starting point for the Bengal Warriors. His commitments were essential in getting the group’s victory in Season 7.


Position: Defender Amit’s very much planned handles and nimbleness add to the Bengal Warriors’ guarded flexibility. He assumed a key part in the group’s title-winning excursion in Season 7.

Jeeva Kumar

Position: Defender Jeeva Kumar’s insight and strategic keenness have been instrumental in the Bengal Warriors’ prosperity. His administration on the field assumed a pivotal part in the title victory in Season 7.

Bengal Warriors players Raid

In the embroidery of the Bengal Warriors’ players, we witness a woven artwork woven with enthusiasm, commitment, and dominance. Every player, whether a raider, defender, or all-rounder, brings an unmistakable mix of qualities that on the whole characterize the group’s solidarity. The insights stand as a demonstration of their tenacious quest for significance, reflecting incalculable long stretches of preparing, planning, and assurance.

The Bengal Warriors stand collectively as well as an aggregate of different gifts limited by their affection for the game. The ventures made in procuring these players highlight their worth and potential to influence the result of matches.

As fans and lovers keep on seeing the Bengal Warriors’ excursion, the effect of these players on the game’s story becomes obvious, reaffirming kabaddi’s getting through allure as a game of system, expertise, and heart. As the tradition of the Bengal Warriors keeps on unfurling, these players stay necessary to the group’s desires and achievements, making a spellbinding adventure that excites the crowds and motivates the up-and-coming age of kabaddi.