Jaipur Pink Panthers players list stats and records

The universe of sports is a material painted with shades of energy, assurance, and greatness. In the domain of Kabaddi, the Pro Kabaddi League has changed the old country distraction into a cutting-edge display that catches the hearts of millions. One group that has cut its name in this donning unrest is the Jaipur Pink Panthers. Hailing from the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, the Jaipur Pink Panthers have become inseparable from expertise, technique, and a touch of pink class. In this article, we take a top-to-bottom journey into the universe of Jaipur Pink Panthers and investigate the lives and accomplishments of the players who have worn the notorious pink pullover.

Introducing the Jaipur Pink Panthers

Jaipur Pink Panthers players list stats and records

Kabaddi, a game established in Indian custom, has gone through a surprising change thanks to the Pro Kabaddi League. Among the prominent groups that have stood out in this advancing landscape, the Jaipur Pink Panthers sparkle brilliantly. This article digs into the universe of the Jaipur Pink Panthers’ cooperative people, offering a thorough examination of their positions, memoirs, vocation measurements, and the speculations made in getting their gifts. From raiders to considerable defenders, the Jaipur Pink Panthers’ list typifies the soul of Kabaddi.

The Jaipur Pink Panthers were among the trailblazer groups when the Pro Kabaddi League started off in 2014. From that point forward, they have kept an honorable presence in the league, dazzling fans with their key interactivity, gifted players, and resolute assurance. Their journey has been a chaotic ride of victories, difficulties, and significant minutes that have solidified their situation as one of the league’s dearest and most regarded groups.

The Path to Glory: Jaipur Pink Panthers’ Journey

The Jaipur Pink Panthers’ journey in the Pro Kabaddi League has been absolutely unprecedented. They have navigated the league with a blend of coarseness, collaboration, and strategic splendor. The group’s exhibitions have reliably procured them a spot in the end-of-the-season games and the finals, displaying their devotion to the game and their fans. The Jaipur Pink Panthers’ obligation to greatness has changed them into an awe-inspiring phenomenon in the Kabaddi field.

Unveiling the Players Who Define the Jaipur Pink Panthers

Jaipur Pink Panthers players discuss

The Jaipur Pink Panthers’ list involves a different gathering of players, each contributing their interesting abilities to the group’s prosperity. We should investigate a portion of the vital participants who have scratched their names in the history of the group and the league.

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PlayerPositionAgeExperiencePKL Career StatsAchievementsTotal Bid (in INR)
Deepak HoodaRaider277 seasons787 pointsPKL Champion (Season 1)1,15,00,000
Sandeep Kumar DhullDefender307 seasons256 tackle pointsPKL Defender of the Season (2x)66,00,000
Nitin RawalAll-rounder265 seasons197 raid pointsPKL Champion (Season 1)61,50,000
Deepak NarwalRaider295 seasons248 raid pointsPKL Champion (Season 1)30,00,000
Amit HoodaDefender286 seasons205 tackle pointsPKL Champion (Season 1)28,00,000
Elavarasan ADefender272 seasons7 tackle pointsNone10,00,000
AbhishekRaider232 seasons53 raid pointsNone6,00,000

Player Spotlights and Wins

Jaipur Pink Panthers players list

Deepak Hooda

Position: Raider One of the standout players in the league, Deepak Hooda’s raiding prowess is unrivaled. His commitment to the Jaipur Pink Panthers’ victory in Season 1 is carved in the group’s history.

Sandeep Kumar Dhull

Position: Defender Sandeep Dhull’s persistent cautious abilities have procured him the title of “Defender of the Time” on different occasions. His presence on the mat guarantees a considerable guard for the Pink Panthers.

Nitin Rawal

Position: All-rounder Nitin Rawal’s flexibility as a raider and defender makes him a significant resource for the group. His part in the group’s title win in Season 1 can’t be neglected.

Deepak Narwal

Position: Raider A central member in the debut season’s victory, Deepak Narwal’s raiding strategies have reliably grieved rivals. His essential raids have been significant to the group’s prosperity.

Amit Hooda

Position: Defender Amit Hooda’s outstanding handling abilities and experience make him a solid defender for the Pink Panthers. His commitment play had a critical impact on the group’s accomplishments.

Elavarasan A

Position: Defender Regardless of a generally brief time frame in the league, Elavarasan’s protective potential is promising. As he keeps on creating, he could turn into an important resource for the group’s protection.


Position: Raider As a youthful raider, Abhishek shows promise with his abilities to raid. He has the valuable chance to improve his abilities and contribute altogether to the group’s future undertakings.

As we dig into the stories and capacities of the Jaipur Pink Panthers’ players, an embroidery of devotion, difficult work, and expertise unfurl. Every player, no matter what their job, brings an unmistakable arrangement of traits that adds to the group’s overall strength. Their measurements reflect endless long stretches of work, preparation, and assurance that define their journey.

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Jaipur Pink Panthers players stats and records

The Jaipur Pink Panthers exemplify a group, however a gathering of people bound together by their affection for Kabaddi. The ventures made to get these players underline their capability to affect matches and shape the course of the game. As fans observe the Pink Panthers’ journey, the impact of these players on the game’s story becomes obvious, reaffirming Kabaddi’s status as a round of procedure, method, and energy.

In the steadily developing adventure of Kabaddi, the Jaipur Pink Panthers stand collectively as well as a demonstration of the force of expertise, collaboration, and diligence. As the group keeps on adding to its heritage, these players stay at the core of its desires and accomplishments, winding around a story that hypnotizes crowds and rouses the up-and-coming age of Kabaddi devotees.