Bengaluru Bulls players list stats and records

The Pro Kabaddi League has transformed the ancient Indian game of kabaddi into a cutting-edge spectacle that captivates audiences across the nation. One team that has reliably showcased its prowess in the league is the Bengaluru Bulls. Hailing from the vibrant city of Bengaluru, Karnataka, the Bengaluru Bulls have carved their specialty as a powerhouse in the realm of kabaddi. This article dives into the dynamic universe of the Bengaluru Bulls team players, offering an inside and out analysis of their positions, biographies, career statistics, and the speculations made to get their exceptional talents.

Introduction to Bengaluru Bulls

Bengaluru Bulls players list

In the realm of kabaddi, the Bengaluru Bulls stand as a testament to the life, strategy, and sportsmanship that characterizes the Pro Kabaddi League. This article divulges the stories behind the players of the Bengaluru Bulls, uncovering the jobs they play, their excursion to progress, and the remarkable stats that mirror their dedication to the game.

The Bengaluru Bulls, a stalwart team in the Pro Kabaddi League, have reliably displayed remarkable performances since their presentation in the league.

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Bengaluru Bulls: Rising Stars and Seasoned Players

The Bengaluru Bulls have seen an array of exceptional players who have been instrumental in the team’s prosperity.

PlayerPositionAgeExperiencePKL Career StatsAchievementsTotal Bid (in INR)
Pawan KumarRaider266 seasons857 raid pointsPKL Champion (Season 6), PKL Most Valuable Player (Season 7)20,00,000
Rohit KumarRaider317 seasons607 raid pointsPKL Champion (Season 6), PKL Champion (Season 7)89,00,000
Mahender SinghDefender255 seasons103 tackle pointsPKL Champion (Season 6)80,00,000
Amit SheoranDefender254 seasons82 tackle pointsPKL Champion (Season 6)45,00,000
Sumit SinghRaider254 seasons78 raid pointsPKL Champion (Season 6)18,00,000
AnkitDefender234 seasons39 tackle pointsPKL Champion (Season 6)10,00,000
C. ArunAll-rounder273 seasons13 raid points, 23 tackle pointsPKL Champion (Season 6)12,00,000
Sanjay ShresthaRaider262 seasons12 raid pointsPKL Champion (Season 6)10,00,000
Players list stats and records

Player Profiles and Noteworthy Achievements

Bengaluru Bulls Won The Championship

Pawan Kumar

Position: Raider Pawan Kumar, hailed as quite possibly of the most valuable player in the league, has reliably showcased his raiding prowess. His title as the Most Valuable Player in Season 7 and his commitment to the team’s championship victory in Season 6 highlight his significance to the Bengaluru Bulls.

Rohit Kumar

Position: Raider Rohit Kumar’s leadership on the mat and his ability to score crucial raid points have made him a standout raider. His commitment to the team’s back-to-back championships in Seasons 6 and 7 has solidified his status as a kabaddi symbol.

Mahender Singh

Position: Defender Mahender Singh’s exceptional tackling abilities have hardened the Bengaluru Bulls’ protection. His instrumental job in the team’s victory in Season 6 features his commitment to the team’s overall achievement.

Amit Sheoran

Position: Defender Amit Sheoran’s tenacious tackles and guarded stability have supported the team’s endeavors. His unwavering obligation to the team’s strategies has made him a critical part of the Bengaluru Bulls.

Sumit Singh

Position: Raider Sumit Singh’s ability to convey under tension and his knack for crucial raid points have proven pivotal for the team. His performances have significantly added to the Bengaluru Bulls’ victories.

Bengaluru Bulls Full Team


Position: Defender Ankit’s strategic approach to shielding and his agility on the mat have made him a dependable defender for the Bengaluru Bulls. His job in the team’s championship win epitomizes his dedication.

C. Arun

Position: All-rounder C. Arun’s versatility as both a raider and a defender showcases his adaptability on the mat. His commitment to various aspects of the game has made him an asset to the team.

Sanjay Shrestha

Position: Raider Sanjay Shrestha’s promising raids and eagerness to make an impact feature his potential for what’s in store. His excursion as a youthful player holds promise for the Bengaluru Bulls’ proceeded progress.

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As we dive into the existences of Bengaluru Bulls’ players, a narrative of passion, dedication, and mastery arises. Each player, whether a raider, defender, or all-rounder, carries one-of-a-kind abilities and attributes to enhance the team’s aggregate strength. The statistics reflect their tenacious quest for greatness, a consequence of endless long periods of practice, training, and determination.

In the realm of kabaddi, the Bengaluru Bulls stand as a team as well as a testament to the amalgamation of different talents limited by their affection for the game. The ventures made to acquire these players feature their value and potential to sway matches.

As fans and enthusiasts bear observer the Bengaluru Bulls’ excursion, the impact of these players on the game’s narrative becomes obvious, building up kabaddi as a game of strategy, expertise, and heart.

With the Bengaluru Bulls’ legacy proceeding to unfurl, these players remain integral to the team’s aspirations and accomplishments, creating a captivating saga that enthralls audiences and motivates the up-and-coming generation of kabaddi enthusiasts. Similarly, as the Bengaluru Bulls take to the mat, they join their assets and spirits, showcasing the genuine embodiment of kabaddi.