Where to buy Pro Kabaddi match Tickets

The roaring cheers of passionate fans, the electrifying energy in the air, and the thrilling display of skill and strength on the mat – are just a few reasons why attending a Pro Kabaddi League match is an experience unlike any other. As one of the most popular and fiercely competitive sporting events in India, Pro Kabaddi League matches draw crowds from all corners of the country.

If you’re a die-hard kabaddi enthusiast or just looking for an unforgettable live sports experience, getting your hands on Pro Kabaddi match tickets is an essential step. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the various avenues where you can purchase these tickets and ensure you’re part of the excitement.

Where to Buy Pro Kabaddi Match Tickets: A Detailed Guide

PKL ticket counter

Offline Ticket Outlets:

  1. Stadium Counters: Most Pro Kabaddi League matches are held in prominent stadiums across major cities in India. These venues usually have dedicated ticket counters where you can buy tickets in person. Purchasing tickets directly from the stadium can provide a sense of authenticity and excitement as you prepare to witness the action firsthand. Keep in mind that tickets might sell out quickly, especially for high-demand matches, so arriving early is advisable.

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  2. Retail Outlets: Depending on the city, there might be authorized retail outlets where you can purchase Pro Kabaddi match tickets. These outlets can include local sports stores, ticketing agencies, or even shopping malls. Check the official Pro Kabaddi League website or social media channels for information about these outlets.

Online Ticketing Platforms:

  1. Official Website: The most convenient and reliable way to buy Pro Kabaddi match tickets is through the official Pro Kabaddi League website. The league’s website usually offers a dedicated section for ticket sales, allowing you to select the match, the seating category, and the number of tickets you want. This method not only ensures authenticity but also provides the advantage of selecting your preferred seats.
  2. Third-Party Ticketing Websites: Several reputable online ticketing platforms collaborate with the Pro Kabaddi League to sell match tickets. Websites like BookMyShow, Paytm, Insider, and Ticketgenie often offer a streamlined booking process. However, ensure that you’re using an authorized platform to avoid counterfeit tickets.

Tips for Buying Pro Kabaddi Match Tickets:

  1. Plan Ahead: Pro Kabaddi League matches can attract massive crowds, particularly for highly anticipated matchups or local derbies. To secure your spot, plan your attendance well in advance and purchase tickets as soon as they become available.
  2. Choose Seating Wisely: Different seating categories come with varying price points and views of the action. Consider your budget and how close you want to be to the mat when selecting your seats.

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  3. Keep an Eye on Offers: Occasionally, the Pro Kabaddi League and its ticketing partners might offer early-bird discounts, combo deals, or special packages. Stay connected through the league’s official channels to avail of such offers.
  4. Check Refund and Exchange Policies: Life can be unpredictable, and plans might change. Before making your purchase, familiarize yourself with the ticket refund and exchange policies in case you need to alter your attendance plans.

Booking Pro Kabaddi Tickets Online

  1. Official Team Websites: One of the most direct ways to purchase Pro Kabaddi match tickets is through the official websites of the participating teams. Each team typically has a dedicated ticket booking page where you can select the match you want to attend and proceed with the purchase. This method ensures authenticity and offers a streamlined process.
  2. Third-Party Ticketing Platforms: Renowned online platforms like BookMyShow often collaborate with the Pro Kabaddi League to offer tickets. Visit the ticketing section of these platforms and look for Pro Kabaddi matches. Once you’ve selected your desired match, you can choose your seats, make the payment, and receive e-tickets via email.
  3. Step-by-Step Process: On the ticket booking page, navigate to the specific match you’re interested in. You’ll be directed to a new page where you can review the match details, date, and venue. Make sure these details align with your preferences. Next, select your preferred type of seat (regular or VIP) and the number of seats you require. Proceed to make the payment using the available payment methods, which often include credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and online banking. After successful payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email along with e-tickets.
  4. Ticket Collection: If you opt for e-tickets, you’ll usually need to collect physical tickets from the Box Office at the stadium before the match. It’s advisable to arrive at least a few hours before the match to avoid long queues and any last-minute rush.

Offline Ticket Purchase

  1. Stadium Counters: For those who prefer a more traditional approach, many Pro Kabaddi League matches sell tickets directly at the stadium counters. While this method can add an element of excitement to your experience, keep in mind that tickets for popular matches may sell out quickly.
  2. Retail Outlets: Authorized retail outlets, such as sports stores and shopping malls, sometimes collaborate with the league to sell tickets. Check the official Pro Kabaddi League website or social media channels for information about such outlets.

Pro Kabaddi Match Ticket Price Range

Ticket prices for Pro Kabaddi matches can vary based on factors such as seating category, match importance, and venue. Generally, prices range from around INR 500 to INR 4000, with VIP tickets potentially going up to INR 5000. The variety in price points allows fans to choose a seating option that aligns with their budget and preferences.

Pro Kabaddi League Broadcast Information

star sports hotstar pkl
star sports hotstar pkl

For those who can’t attend the matches in person, the Pro Kabaddi League is broadcast on the Star India network in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Marathi. Viewers in the UK can catch the action on Life OK. Live streaming is also available on platforms like Hotstar and Starsports.com, ensuring that fans across the globe can follow the exhilarating matches.

The Pro Kabaddi League offers an electrifying display of athleticism and sportsmanship, making it a must-watch for sports enthusiasts across India. With a range of options for purchasing tickets, both online and offline, attending a match has never been more accessible.

Whether you choose the convenience of online platforms or the excitement of buying from stadium counters, securing your Pro Kabaddi match tickets is the first step toward experiencing the magic of this dynamic sport. So, mark your calendars, gather your friends and family, and be prepared to be swept up in the fervor of Pro Kabaddi League action.