Tejnarayan Prasad Madhav Kabaddi Coach

Tejnarayan Prasad Madhav, hailing from Bokaro Steel, Jharkhand, has emerged as a prominent figure in the world of kabaddi. His journey from being a player to becoming a certified coach showcases his unwavering commitment to the sport.

Coaching Career of Tejnarayan Prasad Madhav

Madhav’s coaching career is characterized by his dedication to nurturing kabaddi talents. He transitioned from a player to a coach, and his coaching journey has been marked by notable achievements.

Key Achievements of Tejnarayan Prasad Madhav

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Tejnarayan Prasad Madhav Coach

Bronze Medal with Jharkhand Women’s Team (67th Senior Nationals Kabaddi Championship): Madhav’s coaching prowess was on full display when he led the Jharkhand Women’s Kabaddi team to a bronze medal in the 67th Senior Nationals Kabaddi Championship. This achievement underscores his ability to develop and guide teams to success.

Head Coach of Jharkhand State Team and Jharkhand Police Team: Madhav’s extensive coaching experience has earned him the role of head coach for both the Jharkhand State Team and the Jharkhand Police Team. This dual responsibility showcases his expertise and leadership in kabaddi coaching.

Coaching at All Levels: Madhav’s coaching journey spans all levels of the sport, from grassroots development to the national stage. His commitment to nurturing talent at every level of the kabaddi ecosystem highlights his comprehensive approach to coaching.

Certified Kabaddi Coach (Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India – AKFI): Madhav’s certification as a kabaddi coach by the AKFI attests to his commitment to professional coaching standards and his pursuit of excellence in the sport.

Certification of Tejnarayan Prasad Madhav

Tejnarayan Prasad Madhav is a certified kabaddi coach, holding a diploma in sports coaching from the National Institute of Sports (NIS). This certification underscores his commitment to professional coaching standards.

Innovative Coaching Methods of Tejnarayan Prasad Madhav

Madhav is known for his innovative coaching methods that challenge conventional approaches. His capacity to bring out the best in his players, coupled with his creative coaching techniques, sets him apart as a forward-thinking coach.

Future Prospects of Tejnarayan Prasad Madhav

As a highly respected kabaddi coach with significant coaching experience, Tejnarayan Prasad Madhav’s future in the sport appears promising. His dedication, innovative coaching strategies, and ability to guide teams to success make him a pivotal figure in the world of kabaddi.

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Tejnarayan Prasad Madhav’s journey from being a player to a certified kabaddi coach exemplifies his unwavering commitment to the sport. His capacity to mentor teams at various levels, combined with his innovative coaching methods, cements his position as a significant figure in the kabaddi community.

As a role model for aspiring coaches and players, Tejnarayan Prasad Madhav’s influence in the realm of kabaddi is set to endure. His legacy as a dedicated and innovative kabaddi coach continues to inspire and elevate the sport, promising a brighter future for kabaddi enthusiasts.