Puneri Paltan players list stats and records

Kabaddi, when a rural diversion, has changed into an exhilarating and enrapturing scene with the coming of the Pro Kabaddi League. Among the groups that have reliably displayed greatness in this league is the Puneri Paltan. Hailing from Pune, Maharashtra, Puneri Paltan has secured itself as an image of assurance, confirmation, and significance in the realm of kabaddi. In this article, we dive into the universe of Puneri Paltan and the surprising players who play played essential parts in the group’s excursion to progress.

Introduction to Puneri Paltan

Established in 2014 as one of the debut groups of the league, Puneri Paltan has in practically no time turned into an awe-inspiring phenomenon. Their process has been characterized by a steady obligation to greatness, a constant quest for victory, and a developing army of passionate fans who rally behind them. With each season, Puneri Paltan’s program has advanced, and the group has refined its procedures to stand among the league’s most considerable competitors.

In the jolting domain of Kabaddi, Puneri Paltan sparkles as a name that reverberates with the two devotees and relaxed spectators. With a history set apart by furious rivalry and key brightness, Puneri Paltan has cut its specialty in the Pro Kabaddi League.

Puneri Paltan Panthers players stats and records

This article provides a top-to-bottom investigation of the Puneri Paltan cooperative individuals, offering complete experiences into their positions, biographies, insights, and the speculations made to get their gifts. From spry raiders to robust defenders, the program of Puneri Paltan embodies the adaptability and prowess that characterize present-day Kabaddi.

Arising as one of the establishing groups of the Pro Kabaddi League in 2014, Puneri Paltan has made a permanent imprint on the league. Throughout the long term, they have developed into an impressive power, celebrated for their essential insight, gifted players, and a devoted fan base. Their steady exhibition has procured them an unwavering following and standing as one of the league’s forces to be reckoned with.

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Puneri Platan’s Way to Glory

Puneri Paltan’s excursion in the Pro Kabaddi League has been described by serious contentions, elating matches, and title wins. The group has reliably exhibited its determination in the league, getting compartments in the playoffs and finals on various events. Their tireless preparation, cooperative endeavors, and concentrated arrangement have been essential factors in their supported achievement.

The Players Who Shape Puneri Paltan

Puneri Paltan flaunts a different and gifted setup of players, each contributing their exceptional ranges of abilities to the group’s overall presentation.

Puneri Paltan Panthers players Win Scene

1. Nitin Tomar Position: Raider Age: 26 Experience: 6 seasons PKL Career Stats: 467 raid points Achievements: PKL Finalist (Season 5) Total Bid (in INR): 1,150,000

Nitin Tomar is a dynamic raider known for his agility and quick footwork on the mat. His ability to break through defenses and secure crucial raid points has earned him a reputation as a valuable asset for Puneri Paltan. Nitin’s presence in the team’s offensive strategies has been instrumental in their journey to the finals in Season 5.

2. Surjeet Singh Position: Defender Age: 30 Experience: 7 seasons PKL Career Stats: 264 tackle points Achievements: PKL Finalist (Season 5) Total Bid (in INR): 1,210,000

Surjeet Singh is a seasoned defender renowned for his exceptional tackling skills. With the ability to read raiders’ movements and execute precise tackles, he forms a formidable defensive wall for Puneri Paltan. His leadership on the mat and ability to marshal the defense have contributed significantly to the team’s success, leading them to the finals in Season 5.

3. Girish Maruti Ernak Position: Defender Age: 30 Experience: 7 seasons PKL Career Stats: 242 tackle points Achievements: PKL Finalist (Season 5) Total Bid (in INR): 760,000

Girish Maruti Ernak is a stalwart defender recognized for his robust tackling techniques. His experience and understanding of the game allow him to anticipate opponents’ moves and execute successful tackles. Girish’s contributions have been pivotal in fortifying Puneri Paltan’s defense and guiding the team to the finals in Season 5.

4. Sandeep Narwal Position: All-rounder Age: 28 Experience: 7 seasons PKL Career Stats: 362 raid points Achievements: PKL Finalist (Season 5) Total Bid (in INR): 860,000

Sandeep Narwal is an exceptional all-rounder, known for his versatility in raiding and defending. His aggressive raiding style is complemented by his solid tackling abilities. Sandeep’s role as a multifaceted player has been a significant asset for Puneri Paltan, contributing to their success in Season 5.

Puneri Paltan Panthers players

5. Shubham Shinde Position: Defender Age: 26 Experience: 2 seasons PKL Career Stats: 15 tackle points Total Bid (in INR): 200,000

Shubham Shinde is a young and promising defender who is making his mark in the Pro Kabaddi League. While he has limited experience, his dedication to improving his skills and contributing to the team’s defensive strategies is evident. Shubham’s potential suggests a bright future in Kabaddi.

6. Pankaj Mohite Position: Raider Age: 23 Experience: 2 seasons PKL Career Stats: 111 raid points Total Bid (in INR): 171,000

Pankaj Mohite is a rising star in Puneri Paltan’s raiding lineup. His agility, speed, and ability to outmaneuver defenders make him a promising raider. Despite being relatively new to the league, Pankaj’s knack for securing raid points showcases his potential to become a key asset for the team.

7. Mahendra Singh Rajput Position: Raider Age: 29 Experience: 6 seasons PKL Career Stats: 114 raid points Achievements: PKL Finalist (Season 7) Total Bid (in INR): 63,000

Mahendra Singh Rajput is an experienced raider known for his strategic raiding approach. His ability to exploit gaps in the defense and accumulate raid points has contributed to Puneri Paltan’s campaigns. His participation in the finals of Season 7 demonstrates his capacity to perform under pressure.

8. Pratik Patil Position: Defender Age: 22 Experience: 2 seasons PKL Career Stats: 21 tackle points Total Bid (in INR): 10,000

Pratik Patil is a young defender who is in the early stages of his Kabaddi career. With limited experience, he is working to refine his skills and contribute to the team’s defensive efforts. Pratik’s journey is marked by growth and potential as he strives to make his mark in the league.

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In the stories of these players, we witness a combination of energy, commitment, and expertise that is forming the eventual fate of Puneri Paltan. Whether they are raiders, defenders, or all-rounders, every player contributes a novel mix of traits that on the whole upgrade the group’s solidarity. The insights highlight their immovable quest for greatness, reflecting innumerable long stretches of preparation, readiness, and assurance.

In the domain of Kabaddi, Puneri Paltan stands collectively as well as a combination of different gifts limited by their common love for the game. The ventures made to get these players to stress their importance and potential to impact the results of matches. As fans and lovers follow Puneri Paltan’s excursion, the effect of these players on the game’s story becomes obvious, building up the perseverance through allure of Kabaddi as a game of technique, expertise, and heart.

As Puneri Paltan’s heritage keeps on unfurling, these players stay indispensable to the group’s desires and achievements, making a spellbinding adventure that excites crowds and motivates the up-and-coming age of Kabaddi lovers.