Mohit Narwal Kabaddi Academy

In the urban landscape of Gurugram, Haryana, India, a sanctuary for aspiring Kabaddi champions flourishes – the Mohit Narwal Kabaddi Academy. Established by the renowned Kabaddi virtuoso, Mohit Narwal, this academy stands as a testament to his dedication to the game and his vision of cultivating another generation of Kabaddi enthusiasts. Diving into the center of the academy’s offerings, including its strategic location, contact avenues, and operational hours, provides an extensive understanding of its significance in supporting Kabaddi talent.

Location of Mohit Narwal Kabaddi Academy

Located at H.No 92 Bhwani Enclave, Gali No-1, near Basai Chowk in Sector 9, Gurugram, the academy’s geographical situating is a pivotal aspect of its accessibility. This strategic locale not only guarantees ease of access for local understudies but also stretches out an intriguing hand to Kabaddi enthusiasts from adjoining districts. Its placement inside Sector 9, Gurugram, a dynamic and very much connected area, features the mindfulness with which Mohit Narwal picked the academy’s foundation site.

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Direct Connect: Contact Information Mohit Narwal Kabaddi Academy

The academy’s obligation to accessible communication is manifest through its readily available contact information. Aspiring Kabaddi players, parents, and closely involved individuals can directly engage with the academy’s administration by dialing +91 97119 11231. This contact number fills in as a scaffold between the enthusiasts and the academy, providing a personalized touch to requests, clarifications, and even guidance for potential understudies.

For the people who favor the composed word, the academy expands an electronic hand via email. By reaching out to

[email protected], intrigued individuals can initiate dialogs, acquire detailed information about programs, and even examine explicit prerequisites or concerns.

Operational Hours Mohit Narwal Kabaddi Academy

Mohit Narwal Kabaddi Academy Workout

The Mohit Narwal Kabaddi Academy is acutely attuned to the assorted timetables of its potential understudies. Perceiving the multifaceted responsibilities that enthusiasts could shuffle, the academy operates with an adaptable window that spans the whole week. From Monday to Sunday, aspiring Kabaddi players can submerge themselves in the realm of training and ability improvement.

The academy opens its entryways at 8:00 AM, introducing early risers eager to start their training routine on a productive note. This early-hour choice caters to individuals who try to mix physical wellness with the tranquility of the early morning. For those whose timetables favor nights, the academy expands its offerings till 10:00 PM, guaranteeing that even after the sun sets, the quest for Kabaddi excellence remains unhindered.

What are the fees of Pardeep Narwal Kabaddi Academy?

Hostel FeeAdmission FeeMonthly Fee

Programs Tailored to Every Aspirant

The cornerstone of the academy’s reputation lies in its assorted range of training programs, intended to cater to varying expertise levels and aspirations. The Basic Program fills in as an initiation point for fledglings, acquainting them with the fundamentals of the game while lighting their passion for Kabaddi.

The Advanced Program targets individuals who have a certain degree of involvement, trying to elevate their proficiency and understanding of advanced procedures. The pinnacle of the academy’s offerings is the Professional Program, a concentrated educational plan tailored for those with aspirations to contend at national and international levels. Each program is injected with the pith of Mohit Narwal’s mastery, guaranteeing a complete and improving experience for every participant.

The excellence of Mohit Narwal Kabaddi Academy

The academy’s obligation to holistic improvement is a cornerstone of its way of thinking. Past the intricate continues on the Kabaddi mat, the academy emphasizes overall wellness through thorough training schedules. This remembers wellness training that shapes athletes’ physical capabilities for alignment with the game’s demands.

Understanding the job of sustenance in performance, the academy offers personalized nutritional guidance, edifying players about dietary decisions that enhance energy levels, recuperation, and overall prosperity. Supplementing this physical range is the aspect of mental molding, enabling athletes with the mental versatility to navigate challenges both on and off the mat.

A Legacy of Accomplishments

The Mohit Narwal Kabaddi Academy’s legacy is adorned with an array of accomplished players who have prospered under its guidance.

This legacy is a testament to the academy’s obligation to produce players, however balanced athletes and individuals. Mohit Narwal himself, along with players like Ankush, Saurabh Nandal, Anand, and Neeraj Narwal, represent the caliber of players who have risen up out of the academy’s supporting climate.

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Producing National and International Icons

Mohit Narwal Kabaddi Team

The academy’s impact stretches out far past local acclaim, contributing significantly to the national and international Kabaddi landscape.

The fantastic program of players trained by the academy incorporates names like Ajay Kumar, Naveen Kumar, Deepak Hooda, Pardeep Narwal, and Rahul Chaudhari. These players have worn the national shirt and addressed the country on global platforms, a living testament to the academy’s prowess in supporting top-level Kabaddi talent.

The Mohit Narwal Kabaddi Academy isn’t simply a training place; it’s a sanctuary of Kabaddi dreams, where passion merges with mastery to produce exceptional athletes. Through its strategic location, accessible communication channels, and adaptable operational hours, the academy embraces every aspiring Kabaddi player with great affection.

The holistic approach to training, its varied programs, and the remarkable examples of overcoming adversity scratched in its legacy make the academy a beacon of excellence. Mohit Narwal’s vision of cultivating Kabaddi talent tracks down its articulation inside these walls, motivating generations of players to take a stab at greatness on and past the Kabaddi mat.